Babs drops blinders, decimates Dole

When Barbara Barrett, Washington correspondent for O-No!, showed up on the scene, I wasn't impressed. I remember when she single-handedly declared North Carolina's coastal population in favor of off-shore drilling based on a couple of sketchy interviews with North Carolina Congressmen from the Party of Torture and Greed. So imagine my surprise today when she actually digs in on the story behind the story to deliver the hard, crushing truth about the many failings of Elizabeth Dole.

For months, critics within her party have said Dole, chairwoman of the committee that manages GOP Senate races nationwide, hasn't measured up in her role as the party's chief recruiter, coach and fundraiser. Two weeks before the November mid-term election, her committee remains behind its Democratic counterpart in fundraising and, suddenly, there are red states at risk that the GOP never thought it might have to defend.

The whole article is worth reading, but I want to focus on the hammer with which we will be beating Liddy Dole silly over the next two years: she could care less about North Carolina.

Dole said Wednesday she spends her days raising money, tracking polls and making decisions about where to spend the committee's money. Nearly every day, new reports come in to the Federal Election Commission about how Republicans and Democrats are shifting their cash from state to state. "It's a very fluid thing," Dole said. "Fundraising is always important. We are in an atmosphere this year that's the toughest in 20 years."

Two points are relevant here. First, Dole is NEVER in North Carolina. Because the truth is, she sees North Carolina as nothing more than a way to have a seat in Congress. Too bad should couldn't have chosen another state to run from like Hillary did, and saved us all the misery of a do-nothing, know-nothing, care-less placeholder Senator. And second, like all good Republicans, Dull seems surprised to discover the "tough atmosphere" this year. Well guess what Liddy, you and King George are wholly responsible for every miserable aspect of the atmosphere. You've been relentlessly driving America into the ground and, if there's any justice at all, you're going to find yourself part of the whining minority in two weeks.

People who know Liddy Dole say she's a nice person, and that may be. But she sucks as a representative of North Carolina. So no matter what happens, know this: the next two years are going to be the worst two years of the senior Senator's life.


On Wednesday, Dole and Schumer sparred about various Senate races during their joint appearance at the National Press Club. Schumer said Democrats have taken the upper hand on the national security issue. "It's unfortunate to me that Iraq is being used as a political football," Dole responded.

Dole also took the offensive, echoing Bush's policies in Iraq and suggesting that should Republicans lose their majority, the nation could suffer.

"I really feel this way: If the Democrats were to take over the Senate, first of all you're going to see a weaker security situation," Dole said.

It's unfortunate that Iraq is being used as a political football? Duh, what an idiot!

A weaker security situation? Tell me, Liddy, exactly how could America be in a weaker situation than we are with our entire military tied down in a war of choice and no strategy whatsoever for dealing with the nuclear aspirations of two of the craziest countries in the world? You, dear Senator, have been drinking WAY too much kool-aid.


I don't know what got in to Barbara Barrett, but here's my suspicion: after years of sucking up to the Bush administration, the stenographers in Washington are starting to smell blood. The feeding frenzy is on.


PS O-No! is my new shorthand for the magical merging-morphing underway between the Charlotte Observer (O) and the News and Observer (No). Feel free to use and abuse.
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