Bank Run Burr

Secretary Marshall calls Senator Burr out for his chickenshit response to the financial meltdown he helped create, and all he can do is whine and lie? Sounds like business as usual for Richard Burr.

The bank card is being handed out by Marshall campaign workers, and is designed to draw attention to an incident in 2008 when there was a credit freeze, and Burr suggested to his wife that she withdraw the maximum allowable amount over the weekend from ATM machines.

The “platinum” bank card, although made of paper, is designed to look like a real bank card. It has the name of Senator Richard Burr on the front and on the back is signed “Sen. Richard Bank Run Burr.


The Burr campaign responded: “It is a shame that the Marshall campaign continues to resort to personal attacks instead of offering real economic solutions for America,” said Samantha Smith, Burr's campaign spokeswoman.

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I've been looking

Unless I've missed it, I don't think anyone has published an image of it yet.

Fabulous! Excellent work.

It's a tragedy how much we're spending to have this slacker in Washington.

Stay on him.