Bar Code Scanner for VAN data entry

(Voter Activation Network) software allows you to enter data from call or walk lists by using a bar code reader. I bought a Wasp WCS900 barcode scanner from Amazon for $167.00. Yes there are cheaper bar code scanners out there, but I have used Wasp scanners in other applications in the past and they have worked well. Plus I get free shipping from Amazon so that allowed me to spend a few more bucks on the scanner.

This model uses PS/2 plugs to connect in between the keyboard and the PC. Wasp also has a model that connects to the USB port on the computer. Since our old computer at Party HQ doesn’t have any USB ports, I went with the PS/2 model. A barcode scanner sends the information to the computer in the same format as a keyboard, so no drivers have to be installed. Just plug it in and use it.



Door to door goes high tech.

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this little device 'A' says..."Cool!"

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Very Nice!

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I am curious as to how well it works getting info back once things have been scanned and vice versa. Does scanning it just send you to the person so that you can then enter info?

Very cool (as has been said)

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What you are doing with the bar code reader is entering the answer(s) to questions that you asked on your canvassing or phone call.

For example, you asked the question "Do you plan to vote?". Instead having to look up the person up in the VAN database and then setting the answer to the question. Then repeating this several hundred times since you have a stack of canvassing or phone bank records, you can Scan the bar code for the person printed on the record then the bar code for the question response. Much quicker and more accurate than looking up the person. Anyone with a little retail experence can quickly be trained to do this.

When you print out your call or walk lists in the VAN you can have the Bar codes printed on the lists.

Once the data has been entered you can query the VAN to create new lists based on the question responses in combination with other demographic data.