Big Cats

Courtesy of Gary Pearce at, and with the kind permission of that blog's hosts:

You may have heard of “cougars” – older women who pursue younger men. Now meet “Pumas.”

It stands for “Party Unity, My Ass.” They are Hillary Clinton supporters who are still angry.

Sign-wielding Pumas confronted DNC Chair Howard Dean when he was in North Carolina last week.

They have a website:

In North Carolina, key Hillary supporters are trying to bring the Pumas into the fold, but the anger cuts deep. It may not go away until Clinton’s role and status are clarified – and she speaks out again.

Clearly, she will not be Obama’s running mate. But many Hillary supporters, not just the Pumas, want to see her name placed in nomination at the convention. They note that Dean’s name was placed in nomination in 2004 – and Jesse Jackson’s was in 1988.

Tensions remain over whether the Obama campaign is doing enough to pay off her debt. Many Obama people think they are being asked to do too much.

There is a fine line here between respecting the defeated candidate on one hand and, on the other, reminding her supporters who won.

And Obama thought he needed a deft diplomatic touch in the Middle East and Europe last week.



Sorry. That's too much of a softball to resist. But with that said, I respectfully withdraw from the PUMA discussion.

Gary's right. Obama has more than a few needles to thread.

Jesus Swept, this December

Why should Obama supporters pay off her debt?

She was the one who kept her campaign going even after it was clear she was going to lose. Didn't she loan herself umpteen million dollars during the last week of her campaign?

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