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I wanted to make sure that everyone heard about some very exciting news in the U.S. Senate campaign. Last night, the Government Relations Committee voted to recommend that the classroom teachers, administrators and educational support professionals of NCAE endorse Cal Cunningham for U.S. Senate.

This process started over a decade ago when Cal served as the Student Body President at UNC-CH. A few years later he won a seat in the North Carolina State Senate. While serving he devoted his time to improving education, serving on every Senate committee that dealt with educational policy. He worked tirelessly on bills to lower the achievement gap, lower class sizes, and provide educators with the tools they need to succeed. Even though he no longer serves in the State Senate, Cal remains passionate about education policy and currently serves on the board of his local community college.

From the beginning of this campaign Cal has reached out to educators from Murphy to Manteo, working hard to earn their support. To date, he has released the most comprehensive education policy ideas of any of the candidates. You can read that policy HERE. The campaign also released a video profiling a young teacher:

The hard work that Cal has put in during this campaign to earn the support of men and women across North Carolina paid off with a vote from the GRC. With a 19-1 vote, the committee chose to recommend that the 65,000 members of NCAE endorse Cal Cunningham for the Democratic Primary. Over the coming weeks educators across the state will have an opportunity to finalize that decision. In the meantime, the work still continues and Cal continues to reach out to earn the support of every voter in North Carolina. We are taking nothing for granted.

This race is about the future of our state and our country. We must find new solutions and prepare the next generation for the 21st century while creating new jobs and rebuilding our economy. All of us should make that commitment to every child. Cal made that commitment long ago, and it is why he is so focused on education, and why the vote of confidence from educators across the state means so much to him and to the people of North Carolina.

I hope that you will check out our website,, and read where Cal stands on the issues. Join us, and lets go beat Richard Burr!



I am proud to say that I work for Cal. So think of this not as a disclaimer, but as a declaration.

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Hey, Blue

Good to see you around ... thanks for sharing this development. Great video.

Thanks James

Life is more than a little busy these days, but I figured the BlueNC community would appreciate the news.

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Bloggers on Bluenc

I like to read blog posts, opinions, news and the back stories from the news.

But I hope candidates write from their hearts here, and do not just recreate their web marketing materials on the site.


We at Cal's campaign agree

...that rehashed press releases aren't good enough for this forum --and that's why the two staffers from Cal's campaign who have posted here are also long-time BlueNC bloggers.

BlueSouth (member 3 years 29 weeks) and I (member 2 years 21 weeks) truly value this blog and will always substantially expand on the work we're doing with the campaign when we present news here.


I am a Cal supporter and in the past, when I get an email from his campaign I think worth submitting here, I have put it (or excerpts from it) here. Thinking about that, it may be overkill as I know there are those intimately involved in his campaign that are offering up mostly the same information. So, I may be one of the guilty parties. I'll cease and desist.

As a career long member of

As a career long member of the NCAE I will once again have to disagree with the GRC. I guess I will have to wage my own grassroots campaign among my fellow teachers in support of Elaine Marshall. I do know for a fact that many of the committee members were not in attendance (because of the weather) when Elaine met with them. I have to think that had they all been there the vote might have been different. Maybe I need to start trying to figure out how I can get on the committee for the next election cycle.

I'm a moderate Democrat.


Just so everyone knows, the process was that all Candidates (including Burr) were sent questions, and asked to interview.

The committee met with all the candidates on the same day, in fact Cal's interview was just a few minutes after Elaine's.

The members who were not there were also sent the video of all the candidates (NCAE often does this b/c its hard for working people to drive across the state for a day long meeting).

A 19-1 vote does not happen because a very small minority miss an interview.

I hope that you will compare the platforms of all 3 candidates on education and I hope that Cal can earn your support.

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How does one go about gaining

How does one go about gaining an appointment onto the committee?

I'm a moderate Democrat.

I'm not sure

I would call your local leaders and ask, I don't know the process on that one. Sorry.

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