Big, opposed crowd turns out in Hertford on OLF

I was one of more than 800 folks who turned out Wednesday night for the Navy's hearing in Hertford, NC, on the proposed OLF. Even though I arrived at 5:15 for a hearing starting at 7, due to heavy turnout by local residents I did not get to speak until after 10 p.m. I'm not complaining--the Perquimans County residents who spoke before me did an excellent job of explaining why the proposed alternative location (Site A) in their county would have unacceptable human impacts. I and other speakers from other counties chipped in with discussion of why the Navy's "preferred" alternative--Site C adjacent to the Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuge--is equally unacceptable. I and many other speakers emphasized that our opposition is not insensitive to legitimate national defense or training needs of our armed services. In fact, one of the major reasons why Site C and several others are so bad is the unnecessary vulnerability of Navy pilots to dangerous large bird collisions at those locations.

Of the 50-100 speakers, not one spoke in favor of the proposed site alternatives in northeastern North Carolina. That kind of unanimity in a large hearing is unique in my experience.

I didn't make it back to Winston-Salem until about 3:30 a.m. Thursday morning, but it was worth the trip. Many thanks to my campaign volunteer, Bill, who drove down and back.


poor bill

i hope he got some sleep.

thanks for the dedication. it says many good things about how your campaign will be run.

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"Keep the Faith"

Many Thanks to You

For going up there. That's committment.

Thanks for the insight on the unanimous opposition. I wouldn't imagine this would be common. (up there, yeah. anywhere else...not so much)

I wish the Navy would give it up.

Do you think they'd throw me out of there if I asked if their new recruit, the former NASA astronaut, was going to be part of this project? ;)

They probably would. But I sure would like to see their faces when I asked. I wonder if they even know.

Thanks, Dan.

Thanks for speaking and thanks for reporting. I know the Navy doesn't care about this sort of input, but I suspect a judge will if this sucker ever gets back to court.

Great to have you join the growning throng against this

Was there any press coverage of this? Do you have a sense of whether this is getting more attention online than the few in the MSM who are finally speaking out on this?

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decent coverage

Yes, there was pretty decent coverage--one TV station and several print reporters. Print coverage around the state has been pretty good, from the coastal papers to the major dailies. Editorial comment is uniformly opposed to the Navy's preferred site and fairly scathing about it.

Sorry about my delay in responding. I've been on the road much of this week, and due to the bluenc server problems this is my third attempt to post a reply. Hope it goes through this time...

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Dan Besse

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traveling incognito one would imagine. ;)

we did

point blank ask them to come to our public hearing, and they stated that because washington county is the prefered site, that is where the news is. I doubt if they even came incognito. They are relying on the Daily Advance to cover it for them, if they even care.

they're cheap, too

maybe that's a VA thing - always wanting to use someone else's nickel first.

you can see the precedent.