Bigot viciously attacks gay bar owner over SC ruling

There's nothing even remotely "simple" about this assault:

A police report said Lucas Dylan Wilhelmson assaulted the bar’s owner, Jeff Edwards, at least 15 times. A short video of the incident that a witness shared with the local LGBT news website QNotes shows the suspect repeatedly choking, hitting and slapping Edwards, who apparently never struck the suspect.

Kolby Brinkley, partner of Edwards, and the bar’s general manager, said Wilhelmson was ranting about his disagreement with Friday’s landmark Supreme Court decision on marriage equality. He thinks the incident was motivated by hate and bias. The police report and witnesses also said Wilhelmson threatened to come back to the bar and kill Edwards, according to QNotes.

He's 21, and this is his 3rd or 4th run-in with the law, starting with a DWI when he was 16. And he'll probably get off with probation and a "stern lecture" from the judge. And like ignorant drunks usually do, he'll probably end up back at that same bar in the near future, showing his ass and maybe this time toting a little nine millimeter friend. Come on Darwin, we're counting on you to fix this before it's too late.