Bingham backpeddles on speeding story

Joining the bulk of his GOP colleagues who believe telling lies is preferable to the alternatives:

Bingham acknowledged that he made the initial statement and said he thinks East was actually driving between 60 to 70 mph. "I couldn't see the speedometer," Bingham said Friday. "He just mashed the pedal, and it pushed me back in the seat. We were having a good time."

That might be believable if you hadn't also talked about speeding on your motorcycles earlier, where you had your own speedometer to look at. With that context, the only thing we can believe for sure is that you're a liar.


Meanwhile, three Wake Co.,

Meanwhile, three Wake Co., one Cumberland Co. and one Harnett Co. teen were killed in traffic accidents about the same time he is speaking and or backpeddling. What a jerk.

I'm a moderate Democrat.

I confess! I did it!

The N.C. Highway Patrol is not investigating because state law gives legislators immunity from prosecution on anything they say in the assembly, said Sgt. Jorge Brewer, an agency spokesman.* WS

So if these two Republican Clowns say they are serial rapists and murders, they get to walk.. Somehow, this law sounds very unconsitutional and needs to be change so we can arrest those two child republican idiots who have no concern for safety or the lives of human beings...