Bipartisan effort to stop Titan Cement's air quality permit

If the GOP can abuse the word, so can I:

Rep. Carolyn Justice, R-Pender, is making a last-minute attempt to delay the issuance of state air quality permits for Titan America by amending a bill with language that would accomplish that.

While her reason for doing this may seem rather Republicanish, she actually makes a good point:

While Justice acknowledged that her legislation may look like another attempt to prohibit Titan from building its plant, she said it's more about concerns that emissions from Titan may push the area over the allowable thresholds for certain air pollutants and as a result, prevent new industries from being able to pursue projects in the Wilmington area.

"Somebody has to be thinking about the region," Justice said. "Somebody has to be thinking about future business coming here."

Not only is New Hanover County already above its limit on Sulfur Dioxide, the Cape Fear River in that region is classified as "impaired" due to its high level of Methyl Mercury. And this one (Portland) cement plant will increase the entire state's atmospheric Mercury emissions by 10%.

All business is not the same. Some have a much greater (negative) impact on our environment than others, and we need to exercise discretion instead of tying them all up in a nice neat package.