BlueNC acronym dictionary

It was rightly pointed out that many of us here at BlueNC slip into the use of acronyms we've all grown to know and love. Here's a starter list (ones I found on BlueNC or otherwise thought of); others are encouraged to add to it and/or post acronyms or other terminology you've been wondering about yourself. I'll edit this entry from time to time.

  • ABC = Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission (don't know why it's not ABCC)
  • AFP = Americans for Pisspoority Prosperity (an evil Koch-funded organization out to destroy America and making much headway in doing so; their North Carolina chapter is working to destroy our state)
  • ALE = Alcohol Law Enforcement, a division of DPS
  • ALEC = American Legislative Exchange Council (evil corporate masters of several plutocratic states including North Carolina)
  • BOE = Board of Elections (usually refers to SBOE)
  • CI = Civitas Institute (one of Art Pope's evil propaganda machines)
  • DAG = Deputy Assistant Governor (title bestowed on Pat McCrory to more accurately reflect his standing)
  • DENR = Department of Environment & Natural Resources (alternate BlueNC more accurate definition [thanks James] Destroying & Eviscerating Natural Resources)
  • DHHS = Department of Health & Human Services (alternate BlueNC more accurate definition Defer when Her Highness Speaks, referring of course to Queen Aldona Wos, the incompetent head of DHHS)
  • DPI = Department of Public Instruction (state education overseer)
  • DPS = Department of Public Safety
  • EMC = Environmental Management Commission, a DENR appointed rule-making commission
  • GA = General Assembly [see NCGA]
  • GOP = Greedy Grand Old Party, nickname of the Republican Party
  • GS = General Statute (laws of NC)
  • HB = House Bill (prefix to identify a particular piece of legislation; see also SB)
  • HBCU = Historically Black Colleges & Universities
  • JLF = John Locke Foundation (one of Art Pope's evil propaganda machines that undoubtedly makes John Locke spin in his grave daily)
  • LEA = Local Education Agency (generally public schools, including charter schools)
  • NCGA = North Carolina General Assembly (the NC House + NC Senate)
  • N&O = News and Observer, the major newspaper in Raleigh, the state capital
  • NCAE = North Carolina Association of Educators (often incorrectly referred to by anti-education wing nuts as the "teachers union")
  • NBCT = National Board Certified Teacher
  • NCHRC = North Carolina Harm Reduction Coalition
  • NCSU = North Carolina State University (with UNC-CH [see "UNC"], the state's other major research public university. There are 17 UNC system schools and I'm too lazy to list all their acronyms right now, even though I'll surely be accused of omitting someone's favorite school. Sorry).
  • SB = Senate Bill (prefix to identify a particular piece of legislation; see also HB)
  • SBOE = State Board of Elections
  • SBI = State Bureau of Investigation
  • SEANC = State Employees Association of North Carolina (NC branch of Service Employees International Union that represents state employees)
  • UNC = University of North Carolina (might refer to the overall UNC system or the flagship university, UNC-CH = University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)


You showed great restraint.


Destroying and eviscerating natural resources.


There are many alternate, more accurate definitions that I omitted. I can add these, along with other suggestions that might appear here in comments. I'll also add AFP, JLF & CI, which I just remembered.

"I will have a priority on building relationships with the minority caucus. I want to put substance behind those campaign speeches." -- Thom Tillis, Nov. 5, 2014

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Thanks for this, Posmo. The average reader is likely not familiar with all of these, and it will save them the time for unnecessary Googling.

p.s. I'm doing a bunch of family stuff today, but I'll be back later.