BlueNCTV Arrives! Episode One: Catching up with Kay Hagan

Episode One, in which we discover an energized, focused Hagan for Senate campaign.


Beautiful job, Frank.

Dang, you're good.

Jesus Swept, so you can come clean.

Very, very nice Kay!

Oh, did just fine too. :D

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

It took me a while

to get on board with Kay after interning with the Jim Neal for Senate campaign, supporting that campaign from October to May. But now that I've stepped back and objectively looked at the options before me, between Dole & Kay, I can clearly see which one better supports the values I hold.

I'm especially excited because I contacted their campaign recently about the need to expand their GLBT outreach and I expected to get no response. But instead they took my idea of adding a GLBT for Kay group on their website:

They asked if I had any others I had in this regard & I've suggested and am waiting to see if they'll add a civil rights & GLBT rights section in the issues section of their website. I asked Kay once at a rally if where she stood on GLBT rights & marriage equality and her positions (while not as far left as mine) would represent a progressive step forward for the GLBT community. With hey campaign's commitment to expand their GLBT outreach as well as her solid democratic values in general (especially as compared to Dole) she has my vote.

You're right.

Or...left. :)

The choice is absolutely clear. Given our options, Kay Hagan is the only clear choice, and she will be a good Senator for all North Carolinians. One of her strengths in the NC Senate has been to listen to everyone. I don't think that will change in Washington. Dole, on the other hand, is ...well....awful on every issue I care about, including GLBT concerns (which when you come down to it are just human concerns.)

But damn, I miss Jim Neal, too. :)

Awesome, Frank.

This is great!!! :-D

And Hagan is so right. The first order of business in 2009 has to be a combined one-two punch on energy and economy. GO HAGAN!!!

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Go Kay!!

Some of you have seen my post concerning the invisible senator from NC. I can't say it enough we need Ms. Hagan in DC. If Kay just showed up on day one and said "NC is great" she has done more for NC than the invisible senator has done in six years....Go Kay!!

Has anyone seen Liz?

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Very nice production!

Very professional production, Frank! Great job. Your cameo appearance at the end was quite funny!

What is Bully Documentary? Is BlueNC and Bully Documentary doing some sort of joint venture?

NCDem Amy on YouTube

Bully Documentary

is my company.

BlueNCTV is a grand unifying tag upon which any coordinated video productions designed to premier here at BlueNC can be bestowed in order to denote a certain philosophical pedigree and/or parochial cachet.

To qualify as a BlueNCTV production, just use bold Helvetica in all caps for your font throughout, slap BLUENCTV at the beginning, make sure to label it as the next numerical episode in sequence and you're in! Since this is a journalistic venture with no syndication options attached, I'm using published music according to fair use standards and cranking up the volume.

Song choice should be random and have some hyperbolic comedic value.

We're not being paid, so make sure your credit is large enough to read from across the room.

Thanks for the explanation

I remember reading the announcement of BlueNC's new frontpagers but I must have missed the info on y'all's new BlueNCTV project. Good luck! Sounds very interesting.

One small, minor, quibble..."parochial" generally implies provincial, not exactly the best protrayal of a grassroots blogger project. ;)

At any rate, I think I understand the general scope of your project. Have fun with it, y'all! There will be a lot of opportunities with this election to get some great footage.

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