Brad Miller, NC-13 vs. Gun-totin' Mud-Slinging Vern

Well, folks, old "one bullet, no gun" Robinson is up to his old tricks again. This time he claims that Brad Miller voted to allow child molesters to migrate into this country. Looking back on his past campaigns, it appears he's running out of unbelievable material - like calling Virginia Foxx a liberal - and he's now churning out crap that even turns Republicans against him.

Every pundit and expert I checked from Charlie Cook to Chris Cilliza has said that Miller is safe. Every person who's ever campaigned against a challenger like Robinson knows you don't listen to that. You have to campaign to win, so the good and honorable Brad Miller is having to put up with these unbelievable claims and outright lies being flung from Vernon Robinson.

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Robinson has sent out a fundraising email. I will include as much as I can.

In business if someone isn't performing in their job, you fire them. Well unfortunately, we have yo wait 100 more days before we as citizens can stand up and tell Brad Miller, "You're fired!"

The truth is Brad Miller has voted FOR open borders, FOR amnesty for illegal aliens, FOR homosexual marriage, FOR flag burning, FOR higher taxes, FOR extreme gun control, FOR partial birth abortion, and FOR taking"under God" out of the Pledge of Allegiance, and FOR allowing foreign alien child molesters to migrate to the United States.

That doesn't sound like a Congressman who is performing his job of serving the people of his district and his country. It sounds more like a Congressman who cares more about the support of his radical left-wing friends than he does about the people he supposedly serves!

Vernon Robinson has made a joke out of his candidacy. Even among Republicans there are those who consider him an embarrassment. Looking at all the information available online, this isn't a new phenomenon. The only people on the right who seem to get a kick out of Vernon Robinson are the people you wouldn't want your son or daughter to bring home to meet you.

Recently the chairman of the group, African American Ministers in Action (AAMIA) spoke out against Robinson. In a piece from May of this year the Reverend Tim McDonald had this to say:

Vernon Robinson’s divisive and intolerant rhetoric is profoundly disappointing. I had hoped that by the 21st Century our nation would have advanced beyond such vitriol.

One of the Vernon Robinson ads places many of our American brothers and sisters in the same category as Osama bin Laden. Another implies that Latino immigrants are trying to take over our country. One says that ‘black hoodlums need to stop stealing and start getting jobs.’ Others are explicitly anti-gay. This sort of rhetoric is low-minded and designed to pit one group against another. It is simply unacceptable.

God commands us to love our neighbors and to avoid bearing false witness against them. Regrettably, Vernon Robinson’s rhetoric does neither.

Re-read that if you missed the part where the good Reverend basically calls Vernon Robinson a liar. "God commands us to love our neighbors and to avoid bearing false witness against them. Regrettably, Vernon Robinson's rhetoric does neither." That's pretty powerful standing on its own. But there's more, much more.

In February 2005 Robinson spoke at Bowdoin College in Maine. He had been invited by the College Republicans to celebrate Black History Month and not every conservative on campus was happy about it - but not for the reasons you might imagine. An op-ed by staff of The Bowdoin Orient wrote:

The proper and strongest argument against the College Republicans' decision to host Vernon Robinson isn't that he was offensive or failed to properly "celebrate" Black History Month. It is that he offered absolutely nothing constructive.


From evidence gathered Tuesday night, Vernon Robinson is a caricature of a conservative thinker, not an actual one. And in hosting him the College Republicans managed to reinforce unfortunate stereotypes of conservatives as bigots, reactionaries, and hurlers of incendiary slogans. Thoughtful conservatives should consider this sort of solicited representation negligent on the part of our ostensible on-campus leadership.


And so the cost of Vernon's visit goes well beyond his honorarium. It is the opportunity lost to invite someone who has real intellectual heft—someone who has the power and purpose to change minds. All Vernon Robinson did was harden what was already in people's minds.

The words speak for themselves. This piece is nicely written by a student who admits to being a conservative himself. So, according to a conservative, Vernon Robinson is a caricature of a Republican with no real intellectual heft and has nothing constructive to add. Ouch. Double Ouch. Go read the entire piece. It will be worth your time.

Back in 2004 in a conservative publication, The American Daily, a guest editorialist claimed that Vernon Robinson was bad for Bush. The writer was the Policy Advisor for the chapter of College Republicans at Duke University.

The Robinson campaign is best characterized as highly negative. The councilman joined Rep. Tom Tancredo of Colorado in criticizing President George W. Bush on immigration policy. Robinson even stated that the Republican Party was to blame for America’s immigration crisis. The rhetoric was so hot that former U.S. Rep. Jack Kemp withdrew his endorsement of Robinson. It was later reported by that the Bush campaign quietly informed Robinson’s staff to resign for the sake of their careers.

Ouch, again. Robinson's staff encouraged to disassociate themselves from Robinson by the very campaign that brought us Karl Rove? That's harsh. It's certainly understandable, though. It's hard for me to imagine that anyone with any decency would want to have their names forever linked with a Robinson campaign. But, that's just me.

Mother Jones awarded Vernon Robinson the "Diddly Award". The flightless eagle award is given to the right-wing congressional candidate least likely to soar. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Fellow nominees included Alan Keyes, James Hart and Tom Coburn. Way to go , Vern! You must be so proud.

One of the best pieces I can find written during 2004 comes from World O'Crap where the writer dissects one of Vernon Robinson's fundraising emails sent through the NewsMax service. It is long and hilarious and worth a read.

Going way back to 2003, Vernon Robinson gave a speech (PDF) to the Florida chapter of The Christian Coalition. In the speech, Robinson whines and bemoans the fact that little Rickie Santorum wasn't shown any love by his fellow conservatives in Washington when he spoke out against homosexuals. Old Vern had this to say:

I saw what happened a few months ago when Senator Rick Santorum – a fine American if there ever were one -- made some very modest comments about homosexuals and the constitution. He said only what every person in this room knows to be true. But what happened? The homosexual activists and their willing friends in the news media attacked and vilified Rick Santorum as though he had said homosexuals should be castrated.


What really upset me was that when Rick was attacked, I didn’t hear or see a single congressman or senator rise to his defense. They all ran like rats to find cover out of fear that they, too, would become a target – afraid that they, too, would be called a religious zealot, or a bigot, or something called a “homophobe”. Senator Santorum must have felt like the old Hebrew Lot, trying desperately to find one good man in all of Sodom. But no one stepped forward. They just hung him out to dry. Every conservative in that congress should have put his or her arms around Rick and said to the media, “Rick is absolutely right; now what are you going to do about it?”

That just did not happen.

Now, let's just pretend for a second that I'm Vernon Robinson. If I were Vernon Robinson do you know what I would do with this? I would take that passage where old Vern says those men should have been hugging little Rickie Santorum and I would say, "Vernon Robinson encourages members of congress to engage in homosexual acts." That's the Vernon Robinson approach to the truth. Ok, let's quit pretending I'm old Vern, because that's just gross.

With all of the negativity surrounding Vernon Robinson it's difficult, if not impossible to locate any substance to any of his campaigns. He never seems to represent anything positive. He's adept at raising large sums of money from out of state. Maybe that's because people living in North Carolina simply know better. It doesn't take long to tire of Robinson's tactics and the thought that he could wind up in Washington simply leaves me with a sick feeling.

Since Vernon Robinson doesn't have a record in Washington to talk about, we have to go back to his days serving on Winston-Salem's City Council. Basically, Robinson failed to show up to govern. From the Winston-Salem Journal in November 2005 we have this little tidbit:

Robinson was absent for seven of the public-safety committee's 15 meetings since
October 2003, according to city records of those meetings. He also did not attend 20 of the 22 meetings of the public-works committee, of which he is also a member.

In other words, Robinson doesn't show up. He gives the excuse that meetings were intentionally scheduled so that he would be home taking care of his family and would not be able to attend. Ahh, yes, Vern. Let's play the victim. Everyone's out to get old Vern.

The only other indication that Robinson lacks the necessary skills to abide by rules of ethics in congress is this report from the FEC listing the fine levied on the Robinson Campaign because Vernon Robinson failed to file his report. Sloppy bookkeeping? Intentional disregard for the law? Maybe Vernon Robinson will let us know why his campaign did not file the necessary reports with the FEC and then didn't respond to their request for the report. Or maybe, he'll just play the victim again and claim those reports were required at a time when he was licking his wounds. It's a conspiracy, right Vern?

The mess is getting deep here in North Carolina. Robinson has been relentless and is probably just getting started. While he plays dress-up and panders for the gun vote, Brad Miller is doing his job representing the people of the 13th Congressional District. While Vernon Robinson is trying to figure out which lie hasn't become stale from use in past campaigns, Brad Miller is working hard to lead our country in the right direction.

Brad Miller isn't my congressman but I'm very proud to have him representing my state. Maybe the right thing to do is to just ignore Vernon Robinson. I guess the way I look at it, Brad Miller is standing up for us in Washington so the least we can do is stand up for him when the mess is flying fast and furious from Vernon Robinson.

Join with me and let Brad Miller know that we're getting his back. Leave a comment or leave a contribution. Thanks everyone!


My favorite is the comment from the minister

Vernon being a God-fearing man and all.....

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is he wearing? Or, more correctly, WTF is wearing him? I haven't seen a hat like that since Curly and the other 2 Stooges made that Western.

In the words of my immortal Grandfather....That man looks Ri-god-damn-diculous!

Bush Economy

He looks like Hoss Cartwright

and I stole a few Hoss pictures and was going to play with photoshop, but then thought the Cartwright fans would flame me for defaming Hoss by linking him to Vernon Robinson.

Sending you something in the email. Larry was the top story on Houseracehotline on National Journal today. Mostly good, but they had to throw in the COH totals, etc.

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No way!

Hoss was WAY cooler than Vermin Robinson!! I think Vermin sorta resembles Joe Jackson - not the nerdy/cool 80's singer Joe Jackson, the patriarch of the Jackson clan Joe Jackson.

(On a completely unrelated note, News 14 Carolina had great coverage of the $1.22 event. And Hayes' response is classic...he supports off-shore drilling! I bet he does! {cough} shilling for big oil {cough})

Bush Economy

Oh awesome was that?

That was great coverage. I've been very impressed with News14 in Charlotte. They really get out and about and have done a lot at schools.

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Hoss in the House?

No way, it's Miller time!

You are so good, Greg

But Working for Change is right....Hoss is way cooler than old Vern.

He is such an elephant's ass.

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that's awesome!

But I stand by my previous statement - Hoss is cooler.

Bush Economy

You have to check out Robinsons “Minuteman Tour”

“Welcome to Captain Robinson's office, Minuteman Launch Control… “

“Minuteman Tour”

“My favorite blast door had a Domino's Pizza box with a Minuteman missile painted on it over these words: "Delivered anywhere in the world in 30 minutes."

I’m not making this up – this is a link off his Campaign web site. This guy has an ego the size of New Jersey.

“I had the awesome responsibility of launching nuclear armed missiles on the orders of the President.”

If that is supposed to endear him to voters it does the opposite – its frightening to contemplate that this type of an individual with so many obvious psychological issues would be allowed anywhere near a nuclear weapon…

This explains a lot - no wonder he is is a GOP party member -- He has been programmed not to be able to think for himself....

I wish the followers would lead... With a voice so strong in would knock me to my knees...

The way I see it...

if the scary bible-thumpin' hate spewin' wingers want to keep throwing all their money into Vermin's losing campaign coffers, they can have at it. That leaves just a little less for them to invest in all those fake crisis pregnancy centers and gay reprogramming camps.

Bush Economy

Military career

Being from a military community, we all wonder why he was only a captain when he got out of the military. He went to the Air Force Academy and he was in service for 13 years? Hmmmmmm. Should have been a major unless he was passed over.


Coming from the academy

He was already an officer at the beginning of that 13 years too. Do you think even the military figured out how crazy old Vern was? Maybe we should FOIA his military records.

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Thirteen years

is a really odd amount of time to stay in the service. It is more than enough time to pay the government back for the education that you got for free and it is short for retirement. Really odd!!


And where

are all those classmates? They are usually pretty close knit. Maybe they really are officers and gentlemen.


I went to a military academy too

at Annapolis. The minimum requirement for service back then was 5 years. I was only a lieutenant junior grade when I got out, which is explained by me being an insubordinate, questioning and generally disrespectful junior officer. Vermin no doubt looooooved the Air Farce (sorry, a little inter-service rivalry there) and did his best to be promoted. Which makes it all the more puzzling that he got out when he did. I'm guessing he was a fuck-up. Of course, he might have been looking to the civilian world and the possibility of a sterling career in politics all along. Which reinforces the idea that he was a fuck-up.

Does anyone know how to get service records from the DoD?

They didn't give me the release key to the missle?

I'm guessing he was a fuck-up.* A

Does anyone know how to get service records from the DoD?*A

I have VR service records! Will release later if he opens
his mouth again and says another thing about us on his site.

He remove the comment after we pounded his fat phony patriot butt.

I repeat! Copy this! VR is a coward! Right neo-con VR?

Max...if you have his service records

why not share the info? said you were "guessing" he was a f*ck up....doesn't it state the reason for discharge on a DD214?


I think it only says what kind of discharge it was..honorable, dishonorable, etc.


You are probably right Lovex7

I will get my DD214 out and check, just in-case.

(I too served in the Air Force during the Vietnam war)

NAVY??? Pffftttt


The time honored fight between the different services is a healthy thing, imho.

It use to be that once we joined our might, we were a terrible force to deal with! (Is the US military still respected around the world? Damn bush and his arm-chair warriors!)

Military Academy

You've almost confirmed what I was thinking. It would be super if you could get those records. Do I hear a scream coming from Winston-Salem?


Information needed

Name used while in military:
Place of Birth:
Branch and Dates of Service:
Service Number:

Provide as much of that as possible and send the form. Would probably have to be done quickly.

Easy Stuff

DOB: 9/23/1955
Place: New York, New York (He is a Yankee too!)

Born in New York, New York

but he calls Brad a Carpetbagger. Brad was born in North Carolina and has lived in North Carolina all of his life except for a few years of school.


If we can't get his SSAN or Service Number

It says that the date and place of birth may be used. How do we get this? This form has about a 5 week turn around time!


i doubt anyone here watches Boondocks, but there is a character from the show named Uncle Ruckus (a black man..who hates black people). Everytime I see Vernon Robinson, he reminds me of Uncle Ruckus from that show.