The wind's picking up and it's 25 degrees. Much colder weather on the way.

While temperatures won't be falling to record lows, the National Weather Service says the duration of the cold weather is unusual. Highs could struggle to get above freezing for the next week in areas from Raleigh west.

Forecasters say there are some indications the weather with highs in the 30s and lows in the teens could last up to two weeks. A cold snap like that was last seen in January 1977. A wind chill advisory has been issued for the mountains. Once the temperature dips below freezing Friday evening, forecasters say it might not get above 32 degrees again until Tuesday or Wednesday.

Next up, if it's cold this week, that must mean climate change is a hoax?

Ya'll stay warm.


Nice and snug

We spent this past year sealing, patching, caulking, repairing, replacing, up-grading and getting ready for a very cold wet winter. It's 12 F with a very light sparking snow that makes the air look alive.

I'm sitting in front of the fire, dogs at my feet, and my wife volunteered to make the cornbread, collards, and the black eyed peas for New Years.

Life is good.