Bumgarner bullies, bounces, and then flounces



Here's the part we missed:

And he's lucky Evil Steve wasn't in the audience:

During his first remarks, he stopped to call out audience members he said were laughing. After Bumgarner fielded a question about environmental issues, someone in the audience said he hadn’t addressed the question. Bumgarner walked toward him, leaned forward and demanded that the man repeat what he had said. After Puckett started to step between them, Bumgarner returned to his seat.

Methinks he would have had difficulty sitting back down with my foot up his a$$...

I tire of people who try to secure sympathy for bad behavior

by calling on a disease.

There are some that actually cause or contribute to outbursts that may come across as rude, but this man was truly aggressive and rude, and then tries to gain sympathy by attributing his shaking to Parkinson's. I'm sorry he is ill, but that does not excuse his behavior.

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