Burr to McCain: Not interested

In a television interview last week, our Very Junior Senator Burr dismissed feelers from Party of Greed front-runner John McCain about being his veep.

Senator John McCain recently mentioned Richard Burr's name as a potential running mate in May 2008. But Burr says he's not interested in being vice president. Instead he's focused on solving the crisis in Iraq.

I give Burr credit for keeping McCain at arm's length. The more I learn about McCain, the more toxic he seems, especially in light of his publicity stunt to send another 30,000 American targets into an Iraq "surge."

But my question for Burr is this: why has it taken you two years to get "focused on solving the crisis in Iraq"? As a Senator for North Carolina, where a disproportionate number of citizens have been killed for Bush's criminal war, why aren't you working harder to bring our troops home?

You're welcome to come to BlueNC anytime, Senator Burr. We'd love to understand exactly what you're thinking, if you're thinking at all, about this untenable war.


Guess Mr. Burr has better things to do

than stop by BlueNC and apologize for aiding and abetting the Decider.