Burr skills: "I can drive a car all by myself!"

For simple people, it's the simple things that count:

He drove himself to the event, arrived with no entourage and introduced himself to every worker who shook his hand, though all at the plant had certainly been made aware of his presence.

The bolding in this blog post is Burr's own emphasis. When I saw that, I couldn't help but picture a 5 year-old's first bike ride sans training wheels: "Mom! Look at me! I'm riding my bike! I'm a bike rider! Mommmmmmmmmy!" :)



Was he wearing socks?

Burr goes to great pains to pretend like he's just a regular old guy ... who happens to have been on the government payroll for 16 freakin' years.

More from that article

“The two weeks that I've spent at home has made me realize that everything that's been tried (to fix the economy) has had no effect,” Burr said. “We've probably created some temporary jobs based upon the stimulus package, but none of that's been felt by
the true employment base.”

Which raises the question: What exactly has Burr done in 16 years on the jobs front ... besides support George Bush as he drove America over an economic cliff?

What a pathetic partisan hack.

No doubt true all around

I think we will bark up the wrong tree if we continue to envoke the "yeah, but look what the repubs did or didn't do and/or look how sorry our U.S. Senator was by not doing anything during the Bush days. Yep, it's true to the bone, no doubt about it. But, that's not going to turn the head of the average voter in NC, in my considered opinion.

What has to be presented is not only what you're saying, James, BUT what will be done to create jobs in the years ahead and what will be done to reduce unemployment in NC..one of the worst states in the union in that regard. My point is that few voters..including republicans..don't know that Bush was a jerk and his policies were suspect, to say the least. Just pointing that out again and again will not dissuade the undecided voter so as to go to the democratic candidate. Positive, substantial policy decision presentations with back-up facts and figures will do the trick. THAT'S where we win in November in the U.S. Senate race.

Every time he opens his mouth,

he sends a message to the voters about how useless and out-of-touch he is. They just don't seem to listen very well.

Two weeks? Instead of just saying, "In my travels around the State, blah blah blah", he throws a time-frame in there, and a short one at that. I guess I should be glad he's so transparent in his dumbness, but it takes all the fun out of "exposing" said dumbness. It's too easy. Like saying, "Damn, it's hot" when you're in the middle of the Sahara.

The question begs, how do you get SOMEONE in the local media

to take this obvious conclusion that you have come to and broadcast it all over our great State where all people can see the delusion of integrity that Senator BankRun actually is?

Seriously. So few people that aren't political junkies have any idea about this guy. He is an embarrassment to our State and most of our citizens have no idea.

North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!

Aha! I just thought

of another name, although it doesn't quite have the "zing" of Bank Run:

"Two-Week Burr"