Cal Cunningham: Want to Filibuster Progress? "Bring your 40 friends and go for it."

"If you want to filibuster and stop the progress of the country, I think you ought to come to the floor of the U.S. Senate, and bring your 40 friends, and let's bring the cots in there, let's keep the lights on all night, and if all you've got is read the dictionary into the record -- go for it, man -- but let's hear why you think it's important to gum up the works of the country." - Cal Cunnngham

From today's article at Politico

Seizing on the stalled health care legislation and Kentucky GOP Sen. Jim Bunning’s unilateral move to hold up a spending bill, a growing number of Democratic Senate candidates are calling for the end of the filibuster.

Last month, Cal Cunningham made it an issue in his campaign against Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C.), saying that it was a travesty to require 60 senators to pass any important legislation.

Cal Cunningham is what you might call a filibuster originalist: not opposed to the practice as written, but adamantly against the way it's being used by the current Republican leadership to stall progress by merely threatening to employ the tactic.

Cal's solution: force Senators to actually physically filibuster the legislation they're seeking to block, by showing up in front of CSPAN's cameras and all the world, read from the phone book -- whatever -- and actually do it.

And while it appears that Senate Democrats have found a way to get around the Bunning gambit, his won't be the last. They'll keep doing it right up through next November when they hope to whittle away at the Democratic majority in that chamber.

Public Policy Polling has just released a new list of vulnerable Republicans, and topping the list? Yep, our own Richard Burr.

Crucial to beating him: a general election opponent who can bring the fight like Cal can. Watch that clip again, and using the green screen in your brain, drop Richard Burr into the background of that wide shot.

Doesn't he look a little worried? He should -- and trust me, at 30 percent approval, he already is.


Nice work

What does Burr have to say on the matter?

It's not that easy

because 1 republican can inconvenience 50 democrats. No need to philibuster if you don't have a quorum.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?