One of the groups that "Democrat" Chris Mintz has a history with is Wake County's Called2Action. Here's what they do.

EDIT: this is on a different topic than TarGator's C2A post; coincidence.


Mintz and Signs

I had to drive through a good chunk of the 41st house district Sunday, and I saw a ton of Mintz yard signs along the road and very few Harrell signs. I hope this is not indicative of feelings in the district.

We know those nuts

Called 2 Action are the Crazy Christians who shipped over a hundred activists and a big steaming plate of religious bigotry in from Wake County last year to try to stop the Chapel Hill Town Council from requesting that the state rescind the "Defense of Marriage Act" (which is not about to happen, but the Town dutifully asks for every year).

Here's the live play-by-play from C2A's futile visit to Chapel Hill Town Hall.

Nicely done, Ruby

I remember being offended on behalf of Chapel Hill (never lived there) when I heard about C2A busing in last year. I hadn't read the comments in that thread, though. Nice work asking the C2A members who vote in Chapel Hill to identify themselves.