Can you hear me now? - How Pat McCrory is Dismissing the Deaf

Pat McCrory is the only major candidate running for political office who currently does not caption his ads for the hearing impaired. From The Poison Pen Register we get this:

There is something unique about Pat McCrory's political ads. In sea of politicking, McCrory is the only major candidate who does not caption his ads for the hearing impaired. I've watched his ads since May, and nary a caption is in sight. As I type now, his “Status Quo” ad is on and no closed captions appear. To me and the nearly 1 million North Carolinians with hearing loss, it's a pointless ad featuring two old men jabbering together. Pat, what is the point? Tell me what you are talking about.

I spoke with the writer via email and she assured me she had tried to contact McCrory about this.

I've tried to contacting McCrory's campaign and even the man himself. Pardon the pun, but the silence from the McCrory camp is deafening . Finding his blog, I left a comment about the absence of closed captions. The comments went unanswered and have since strangely disappeared.

The blogger is being more than fair to McCrory and has given him every opportunity to correct the situation or to explain why he isn't reaching out to the deaf community. She does have a question or two for Mayor Pat, though.

So Pat, answer my questions - are any of your TV ads closed captioned for the hearing impaired? If not, why not? Was this an oversight, or did you simply not want to spend the money? Beverly Perdue has captioned all of her ads from day one. What is your excuse? If you are not answering because you think I will not understand, try me. Just shoot me an email or text message. I read those just fine – just like I will read and comprehend the ballot in November.

It isn't a stretch to imagine that when the budget of the state requires cuts Pat McCrory will start cutting services to those who need then the most - our children, the elderly and the disabled.

Shame on you, Pat McCrory.



I think he figures things the same way John McSame does. If god had wanted deaf people to hear his ads, god wouldn't have made them deaf in the first place.

See? It's good to have god on your side when you're running for office!


Jesus Swept, so you can come clean.

This is lower than low

I can understand not being able to afford to include closed captions, but he should just say it. He certainly shouldn't delete this person's questions from his blog. How awful.

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Can you hear me now?

Actually, closed captioning isn't very expensive at all, certainly not when weighed against the cost of TV ads.

This is about priorities, plain and simple. Thanks for pointing it out.


Had the man been honest and given me a response, like it or not, I would respect the him for it. Avoiding the issue shows McCrory is a weasel and a coward.

When I see a candidate who remembers to closed caption adverts and even on-line videos, it tells me the person has done homework and is paying attention to broad details. McCrory's lack of response tells me he is careless, exclusive and more concerned about driving the big train system in Raleigh for his own vanity rather than addressing the individual needs of North Carolinians.

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OK, you know....I admit it

we don't do closed-captioning on our videos here. I'd never get them done since I guess I would have to do an overlay slide....or something...and it's all I can do to actually download the video and prep it for upload. We need to make it a point to at least provide a transcript.

See.....this is why we need as many people involved in online organizing as possible. One, two or ten people don't always think of everything or cover every base.

So glad you are here.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

I'm happy to be of help!

I'm happy to be of help!

Captioning web videos is more difficult and I honestly do not know much about the newer technology and how it's done. However, I've read YouTube has finally added closed captioning to videos as of August 28. I was impressed that Obama was the first delegate to add closed captioning to the videos on his website. Those little things mean a lot! :D

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