Can you say machine gun?

Thomas Mills recently cautioned Democrats to avoid campaigning against the NRA. I tend to agree with him. The NRA is a distraction. I'd also caution candidates against running on "gun control" or "gun safety." The former is too broad and squishy. And though the latter is admirable, almost any sane person is already in favor of it. I'm not sure "gun safety" buys us anything.

When I talk about the issue, I talk about machine guns. Two simple words that are easy to understand and easy for regular people to be against. Gangs have machine guns. Gangs are bad. Machine guns are bad. It's not complicated.

When you're out and about in the world, try referring to "machine guns" instead of "gun control." Here's my favorite approach:

"I'm sorry, but it just doesn't make sense for armed citizens to carry machine guns around. I've tried to come up with a reasonable justification, but I can't. And don't try to make this a Second Amendment issue. Our society wisely controls all kinds of weapons, including bazookas, missiles, tanks, and chemical and biological agents. All of these things can kill many people in a matter of seconds. That's what machine guns do. We need to stop their spread."

I realize there will always be people who say they need machine guns to rebel against the threat of a totalitarian takeover. I can almost accept that argument, but only almost. Right-wing ammosexuals clearly support Donald Trump and the raping of America. They have no credibility as patriots. None whatsoever.



Free advice

In my real life, companies hire me to create stories that move others to action. I've been doing that for 30 years, and some would say I'm pretty good at it.

One thing I've learned over those years is that people don't take free advice seriously. Unless they pay lots of money, they just don't listen.

Ah well. We do what we can.

It's actually more accurate

Many people equate "machine gun" with rapid-fire automatics, but it's the "automatic" that makes it a machine: several moving parts that clear and load rounds into the firing chamber without the shooter having to do anything.

But the gun nuts love to get into technical discussions like that, and it's not them we need to convince, anyway. Just regular folks, who are bound to already be somewhat horrified by these ubiquitous assault rifles.


Pull the trigger once and fire a blast of bullets strong enough to shred people to smithereens from brain to intestines in a big bloody mess. That's what a machine gun does.

When I think of machine guns, I think of gang wars.

Do we really need to convince people on this?

I read the other day that there's something like 69% of support for gun restrictions currently in the US. A majority of the public wants something to get done on this issue.

What's going to have to happen is taking down the NRA and the politicians it buys off.

And that's going to take quite a few different tactics, depending on the politician. They all have weaknesses, whether its on issues or unchecked corruption. There's not a "one size fits all" message that's going to work here.

It’s surprising to me how

It’s surprising to me how frequently candidates find themselves having to talk about this issue. And it’s even more surprising how awkward and confused their responses are.

I’m offering a simplified approach that anyone can use at any time. It works.

I don’t think this is the most important issue, but it can really trip people up. Candidates need to get their message down and clear.

That said, I don’t expect people to pay any attention to me. They are not paying for this advice, and I doubt they will take it.

I know what you mean

If the Democrats had taken my advice for the past thirty years, calling out mainstream GOP members for their tacit acceptance of extremism and bigotry, we likely wouldn't have this same extremism and bigotry as an acceptable, normalized part of our political discourse.

But, hey, what do I know, right?

Assault works too.

Assault rifle...there are no two ways to hear that. They are made for killing and there is no place for them on our streets.

Assault rifle

I'm okay with that. I just want people to stop talking about "gun control" and start talking about "banning assault weapons" or "banning machine guns" for civilian use.