Careless and reckless: Great analogy for NC GOP behavior

The last time I heard a story like this was in my high school's cafeteria: thing I know we were running 80-90 miles an hour, and I was running along behind Don trying to keep up," Bingham said. "And I thought, well, since he knows where the curves are, surely I can stay on the road. But anyway, there were several places we hit over a hundred miles an hour. God, I was glad to get to his house.”

The analogy part: I wonder how many Republicans in the General Assembly are uncomfortable with the speed and direction of their out-of-control colleagues, but are afraid of what will happen if they try to slow things down?

“We got out to (Hwy) 52, and there’s a ramp there. Don asked me, says how far do you think it is to the end of the ramp? I said, I don’t know, 300, 400 yards. God knows we were running 145 miles an hour by the time we hit the end of the ramp.”

It's one thing to break the law (especially when you're a lawmaker), but it's another thing altogether when you casually put your passenger's life at risk just to show off a new toy.

Which brings up another analogous reference: Consequences. When the consequences of your actions are not considerd, as in the case of several pieces of legislation including the current Budget, you are acting in a careless and reckless fashion.


How many Republicans are uncomfortable?

None of them give a flying fuck about anything other than their own raw power. They're drunk on spiked tea and can't even see the road ahead, let alone wonder where it might be taking us. Shit-faced, sloppy, and completely confident in knowing that the judge is in Art Pope's pocket too.

Truth is, these white old rich men are getting away with murder. For now. In the long run, though, there will be revenge.


The NCGOP is officially intoxicated with power and legislating while under the influence.