Celebrate with a Few Fireworks for Senator Hagan

In light of at least three full page ads this week in the N&O by NC Big Pharma companies opposing any public option in health care, along with today’s news about the dismal job loss report,( which, of course, means more people losing medical insurance), it is truly a ray of hope that our wavering Senator Kay Hagan has finally taken a decisive public stand in favor of said option.
( Link to the story: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/07/02/kay-hagan-key-senate-demo_n_225233.html )

It’s about time. As an independent who not only voted for Hagan, but actually sent her campaign a few bucks, I would have expected her to take a leading role in advocating for healthcare as an inalienable right of every American citizen, as a part of the common good of being a member of this nation.

Perhaps her courage has been inspired by the approaching celebration of our nation’s birthday. Whatever, I am glad at least one of my senators represents my some of my interests. Way to go, Kay!

Nell Steelman Whitlock
July 2, 2009


Finally a position.

Thanks Kay.
I am so thankful that you have finally chosen a position.
Fortunately for us, you came down in support of my position.
I know you can not agree with us on every topic.
Your positions and opinions need to get out from your office either to the press or on your web page.
We do not fear conversation with anyone over problems and solutions for America.
If we the people know where you stand, we can do what must be done to work harder for our positon and perhaps save some feelings being hurt on either side.
I hope you have the resolve to talk to us openly and invite discussions with us and even representatives of yours that can speak to our concerns.
Thanks again, Senator, sorry if I did not make you happy with my active support of my position and my lack of faith that you would take a populist outlook this time.