A challenge to the writers among us

I've just had the pleasure of reconnecting with a friend from college, who I had not seen or heard from since I graduated in 1982. He is the author of a book called "The Loop Year", in which he endeavored to walk the same 2 mile nature trail every day for a year. His name is John Sheirer, and it's a marvelous book. He pays attention to the details that change day to day on the trail, falls in love over the internet, and writes in a compelling style. You can visit his website: www.johnsheirer.com for excerpts. His memoir of a happy childhood is wonderful as well.

But The Loop Year got me thinking. Could we take on a project like this? Each of us walking a set trail for a certain number of days in a certain amount of time. Write our impressions, feelings, observations, etc. I'm not trying to steal John's thunder, just trying to use this as an exercise to get out of my shell, and thought some of you might want to try the same.

Steve - you up for something like this? James? Leslie? Momo? Betsy? Greg? It would be an interesting project, don't you think?

okay- up too late - time for bed.

(tried to make this a forum topic. It didn't work, so I got frustrated and posted it as a blog.) That's life.


I'm in, very interesting challenge

Hubby and I have been walking for a couple of weeks now and this would be a good reason to keep it up! Thanks for the suggestion Linda.

It sounds interesting Linda,

but I'd be much more interested in doing a different trail each time. There's probably something psychological in there, but I'm afraid to poke it with a stick to find out...

Well come here and I'll poke it

...or are you too chicken? ;)

I've been checking out our woods but not daily. I don't think I'd be able to resist making some changes myself and I don't think that counts. The book sounds wonderful, though.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Steve, c'mon

You've got a great place to walk - commit to once a week, and so will I. John tells me it's a great exercise for your mind as well as your legs. Let's give it a shot. :)

I do need the exercise ;)

I actually walked all over the woods near my house a few days ago.

My son's girlfriend thought she saw someone lurking when she went out to her car the other night (she is a skeerdy cat), so the next day I went out and did a CSI/Manhunter thing, where I walked around looking for trace evidence like cigarette butts and candy wrappers. Which I found way too much of, but it was all old stuff (thank God).

I even found a few cigarette butts with red lipstick on them like 50 yards away from my driveway or the road, and I thought, "Who the f**k gets all gussied up to go stand in the woods and smoke?"

Maybe I do need to spend more time walking in the woods. Could be the woman of my dreams. I can see me introducing her to my mom: "Ma, this is Margaret. I met her in the woods the other day, and I think she might be The One." ;)

Went on our walk tonight with this in mind Linda

our walk is up Beaulah Hill, up the hill around the church driveway and back down the other side of the road. Hope that qualifies as a trail.

I think it does, Mo.

That's a beautiful walk. Mine is around the perimeter of our yard/woods. I went last night after midnight. I decided I'll take one of the big dogs with me when I do that. I'm a skeerdy-cat at night.

National Phenology Network

Was listening to Science Friday last week and Ira had Jake Weltzin, Executive Director National Phenology Network on the show. They are looking for people to become citizen scientists and observe their surroundings and report their observations.

We are looking for volunteers to help us monitor some 200 plant species found across the United States. This effort will eventually expand to include animals and physical phenomena, such as bird migrations and ice out on ponds. Please explore our website to learn more about USA-NPN