Charlotte Observer Response to Myrick's Refusal

As posted below. Sue Myrick refused a Charlotte Observer request for the racial and gender make-up of her staff. Instead in what the Observer calls a "snide" remark, her press secretary said that they would release the information if the paper released the names and political affiliations of their reportes. Here is the Observer's response:

Myrick owes the newspaper and the people of North Carolina an apology, and she should release the information immediately. A taxpayer should not have to cut a deal with a public official to get the kind of public information that The Observer requested.

Love it when Republicans get called on their bullshit. The Republican leading the field for Governor in '08 is already stumbling. Could be a long road ahead.



Classwarfare with the Charlotte newspaper resolve?

You do realize that post is over 2 yrs old...right?* BM

Yes and somebody better get a birthday cake for that story. However the good news is that a year ago, Sue release the data that the Charlotte newspaper wanted.

Dear Charlotte fish wrapper!

The following members on my staff are

7 dwarfs from the Disney movie, 3 white, 2 Santa Indian Red, 2 from the Figi islands tan brown

1 slightly use and abuse Princess from the movie

1 Frog who still remains to be the uglyest member of our staff from the movie,,,We remain very alert about our image in public

1 trap chauffur in a smelly Pumpkin and 2 limo coachmen for rural citzens in my district who file complaints about the farm crops not coming in on time

1 Bitch of a Mother-in-law who demands that the office be clean at all times for Kings who visit.

I hope this staff meets your diversity standards in the 21 st century of politics..

Congresswoman Sue for the plesants and peons

ps! Will you stop calling at dinner time to renew my subscription to your rag.

Hit and run

Must be getting lonely. Poor guy is pimping his conservative blog with hit-and-run one-liners.