Charter school foxes in the public school henhouse


Mark Johnson has just proven he's nothing but a shill:

Johnson touted Maimone’s background with the charter school in his announcement Friday, pointing out that he led the school as it grew from 110 students in grades 7-9 in 1999 to about 1,300 students in grades K-12 today. The superintendent’s announcement said students “thrived” at Maimone’s school.

The charter earned a “B” performance grade and did not meet growth expectations on its 2016-2017 assessments, according to the most recent state report available. The school serves a decidedly different population than many typical public schools, however, with just 7.5 percent of its students considered “economically disadvantaged.” Traditional school supporters have often pointed out that the state’s growing charter sector serves a more affluent population.

Aside from being completely in the thrall of the school choice crowd, Johnson may have just hired somebody who's keeping a dark secret:

Parents accused the classical charter school's board of secrecy and allege its members forced out the school's founder and former headmaster over differences in long-term visions for the school and its academic programs.

"He is this school," said another parent. "Do the right thing and correct your wrong."

Board chairman Ray Maxwell said, due to legal reason's surrounding personnel moves, he couldn't comment on Maimone's resignation. But, he said, Maimone left voluntarily. Maxwell, without naming anyone, said there had been pressure on the board to appoint business owners to the board. But, Maxwell said, the board refused, thinking parents should be on the board, representing the school and its mission to educate.

You probably need to be an inside player to really understand what happened, but it's safe to say that if Maimone resigned instead of forcing them to remove him, he probably did so to conceal whatever it was from the very parents who showed up raising hell about him being forced out. I give him six months at DPI before he "resigns" from there, too.