Chavis vote did not happen

The Executive Council of the NC Democratic Party met via teleconference call. The reason appears to be a requirement under the rules that a meeting must be held withing 48 hours after a vacancy in the Executive Director's position.

Nonetheless, there was inadequate notice, which is also a requirement under Party rules. According to the person counting votes 28 votes constituted a majority. I don't know exactly how many Council members were on the phone. According to info on the Wake County Party site, there are 51 members. It was said at some point on the call there were over 150 participants including non-voting folks like me.

I only learned how to call in as the meeting was being convened at 9:00 pm, not the 8:00 pm I had been told earlier. What a mess.

Of course I won't complain too much. If a vote on hiring Ben Chavis had happened, it could have been a lot more detrimental to the Party.

Randy Voller indicated a face-to-face meeting of the Council will take place, probably in Greensboro.


Thanks, Martha

I've been scouring headlines and can't find any info on this meeting. Can you tell us any more? What was discussed? What was the mood?

Chaotic and not particularly productive

I really gave you all the details I know in above post. It was chaotic, but not any more so than any teleconference call with over 10-15 people. The arrangement for the call was inadequate, and that was acknowledged at the end of the meeting.

There was no press release, and the media I talked to were uninterested in the meeting. Hence, no headlines or TV. But that is for the best given the negative media so far in Raleigh.

Martha Brock

Media were on the call

Mark Binker stayed on the entire time, because they never cut him off.

"Man is free at the moment he wishes to be." -Voltaire

Glad to hear that

I did call WRAL and I was told Laura Leslie was out sick and Binker was in but unavailable. That was around 7:30.

Just found this from Mark on Twitter:

mark binker ‏@binker 9m

State Dem Party has cancelled a news conference scheduled for tomorrow re: executive director. #ncpol #ncdp

UPDATE: good coverage by Mark Binker of WRAL here

'Democrats back off plan to hire Chavis as director'

Martha Brock

What happened

IN the face of a pretty spirited opposition that had whipped sufficient votes to defeat Chavis, Randy smartly chose not to submit his name, and instead opened the meeting by having Dewey Sheffield move to approve Casey Mann as interim "until we get an ED" - that was seconded, and then friendly amendments changed it to until we get an ED or 30 days whichever is sooner. There will be a meeting in Greensboro.

The meeting was a farce, as people who had points of order were muted and not recognized, Casey counted her own vote, and no agenda was ever put forth and no final tally disclosed.

But even that is preferable to the original plan.

"Man is free at the moment he wishes to be." -Voltaire

I belong to no organized

I belong to no organized political party......I'm a Democrat.

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