Chris Mintz to run for NC treasurer

Do we know who else is running for treasurer?

Right now I am neutral although his past financial troubles are going to be a huge liability for him and us.

I and a few friends did run a very aggressive campaign against him when he switched parties and tried to run against Ty Harrell. See past posts by me.

I am giving him the benefit of the doubt right now but my gut feeling is I do not trust him and I want to see where his money is coming from.

Max in Raleigh


"benefit of the doubt"

I dont vote for Republicans.

I wont be voting for him.

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"Keep the Faith"

Benefit of the doubt

Interesting expression. I'll give him lots of doubt, but no benefit.

Anyone who was chair of the Republican Hair Club for Men (or whatever it was called) would have had to have a brain transplant to earn any confidence from me. The little I've read about Chris the Chameleon suggests his motive is pure ego and his stripes are still red.

I'm not sure who else is running . . . and we probably won't know for months or longer . . . but anybody with a pulse and a D after his or her name would be higher on my list.

Am I willing to be won over? Of course . . . but it'll take a boatload of honey.


I read your post from april of 2006. That Mintz is even thinking of running for Treasurer is hilarious.

Draft Brad Miller-- NC Sen ActBlue

"Keep the Faith"

doubts about his benefit

I too have extreme suspicion at this point. The whole debacle of the primary against Ty and the way he switched left an awfully bad taste with me.

This guy is running for treasurer and he has a history of shady financial trouble that resulted in him getting sued by Edwards Jones. They filed a successful injunction and restraining order against him for breach of fiduciary trust and wrongfully/secretly diverting 18 million that who we really want running for that position?

How beneficial will that be for Dems especially in this atmosphere of corruption and stretching what is legal.......

On the flip side, what is the criteria for a genuine switch? Should we not welcome into the fold converts? What should we demand of them to prove their newfound faith in the Dem party?

Where is his money coming from?

I think

being able to explain why you changed is key. If you have a real reason for your change of heart then that is great. But, just deciding one day that you want to change parties and giving as your explanation that your party is too focused on social issues after you have a history of deep involvement in said social issues...well...

And yes, you are right about how this would look given his background.

Draft Brad Miller-- NC Sen ActBlue

"Keep the Faith"

Um - No


Due Diligence.

Not today, not tomorrow, not next week, next year, next decade.

Leopards don't change their spots (much)