Church and politics

Myers Park Baptist is and has been one of the more progressive congregations here in Charlotte and when I use progressive I don't mean it in a purely political context. If I wasn't an Episcopalian, this is where I would probably go to church. They have installed solar panels, open their facilities to many community groups and just generally are a great asset to our city.

This summer they have been holding a series of talks on how people of differing viewpoints can live together and respect each other. Yesterday, Parks Helms a former Democratic county commissioner and Wayne Powers a Republican who is now running for county commission talked about Christianity and politics.

From Helms:

“There are those who will use the Bible like a hammer, they will beat you over the head with it, without appreciating the scriptural lessons.”

From Powers:

“Politics can be informed by our faith. It can be a way of expressing our Christian values, but politics is not Christianity.”

I really like both of these statements and I appreciate these men standing up for what they believe in.

read more: Charlotte Observer

correction - The series of talks was held at Park Road Baptist.


Wrong Church

It was at Park Road Baptist Church, NOT Myers Park Baptist.
Park Road Baptist and Wedgewood Baptist have also been progressive.

sorry for the mistake

I will make the correction