Clean up on aisle one

I know more than a few people who have been kicked off of Facebook for sharing dark thoughts. Some for simply wishing out loud that Republican bad actors would drop dead on the spot. I personally was sent to time-out for expressing my hopes that Trump and his whole squad of dipshits and dumbasses would expire from choking on chicken bones.

With every passing day, the damage done by traitorous Republicans to our society worsens. These people have let evil loose in America and we will be generations finding our way forward again.

At one low point, I was so despondent that I found myself in the dark of my room, literally praying that god intervene to stop the carnage. Needless to say, god didn't listen to me any more than She listens to any other fool hoping for humankind to display basic decency. God either doesn't exist, doesn't give a flip what people think, or is just another narcissistic asshole. No matter which, it's embarrassing the levels people (me) will go to in search of hope.

I'm not here to demean anyone's religion. People have every right to believe what they want, so long as they don't try to impose those beliefs on others. But for all my skepticism, I'm not above asking for your help. God isn't paying any attention to me, but if you happen to have clout with the Higher Power, how about getting on the stick? We're living through the Great American Shit Show and we definitely need clean up on aisle one.



I despise the GOP and Trump

I despise the GOP and Trump and his family and supporters as much as you do. I'd say more, but it has already been said. These people are scum. Nothing is too evil or grotesquely cruel to not let happen to them or force upon them. Tens of thousands are dead, more are being fucked every day by the GOP's cruelty. Religion? Of the large number of "religious" people I know, only a handful are also good people. Ultimately, perhaps not soon enough, these people will find they are their own worst enemies and have lost everyone else's goodwill. I hope I"m there when they get tossed in the wood chipper.

Stan Bozarth

It's a hard climb

out of that well. I'm not there yet, and it definitely wouldn't do for me to be in close proximity to some of these assholes. There's several I'd love to punch 2, 3 times. Just so they get the message. And one of them's in a wheelchair, which I feel kind of bad about. But I would pick him up and put him back in the chair when I was done. I'm not a barbarian...

The one in the wheelchair

Madison Cawthorn, has already reached the height of maximum shit stain. His support for Trump's mocking the ADA is reason enough to wish him a quick and merciless demise. Cawthorn gets his crippled pansy ass rolled into the Capitol while denigrating the hard luck of millions of others. The fact that he lied to buff up his resume (by pretending he was admitted to the Naval Academy) is just one more piece of shit in his whacked out evil ways.

What interests me more about Cawthorne...

... isn't Cawthorne himself, but the GOP insiders that got behind him and pushed him into politics.

Someone looked at this wretched human being and decided that his young, fresh face (and sympathy for his being in a wheelchair) would be a perfect "sell" for the GOP to win.

But when it comes down to it, Cawthorne has absolutely nothing else to offer. He's really not very bright, has been an asshole serial sexual abuser, and is an irresponsible college kid who has never grown up. He's not qualified for the job of representing voters, but that doesn't matter to the GOP insiders that got behind his candidacy.

You could make the same point about incoming Lt Governor Robinson.

I think we need to get past the feelings we have about these guys as irredeemable, self-centered jerks and start asking just what kind of compensation they're getting from GOP insiders to basically be a front for someone else's agenda.