Cobey: Taylor's Seat is Safe

I got a chance to hear Bill Cobey (Republican, former US Rep, NC Gov. candidate, GOP party luminary, and Art Pope's pal) speak to the UNC Law Federalist Society. I took some notes that I'll clean up and post later, but I wanted to share something he said that hit me as a surprise (not much did). When discussing the relative difficulty of unseating a sitting US House member, he said that there's only really one seat up for grabs among North Carolina's 13, and that it is Robin Hayes's (NC-8).

Sound crazy to anyone else?


Taylor's toast

Cobey's been drinking too much kool-aid and his comments about Charles "Delay" Taylor are in denial . . . or perhaps just plain old ignorant.

The encouraging news is that he thinks Hayes is at risk. Neither Dunn nor Kissell are impressing me as kick-ass candidates yet, but with our support, perhaps they'll start cranking.

I still have confusion about Dunn's positions on civil liberties, especially with regard to a woman's right to choose. Anti-choice Democrats get nothing from me. Nothing. (Neither do pro-choice Republicans.) If anyone here's knows more about this than I do, please weigh in.