Come on, Kay.

The US Senate race in 2014 is all but set. A Tea Party Republican will run against Kay Hagan, most likely Thom Tillis. Which means Senator Hagan will be tacking hard to the right, as she did yesterday with this stunt, calling for a probe into the sketchy roll-out of the ACA.

I don't get it. This move won't buy her friends on the right, it aggravates the left, and most important, it gets in the way of people doing actual work to get the website improved.

There's no need for Hagan to try to appease Tea Party obstructionists on this or any other issue.


It is a mistake

Granted, Americans For the Prosperous is pouring an assload of money into their newest television commercial, but trying to "bounce back" with this attack on Obamacare is the wrong way to respond. It just shows voters she's worried about AFP, when she should be ignoring them.

Stand up Kay

for what you believe it. Don't govern by polls, govern by principles.

This stunt is ill-advised. So far Tillis has been a single-issue candidate, and it's all about ACA. Kay shouldn't play his game.

You're absolutely right that it won't get her any new votes, but it will tick off her base. I for one decided not to write a check that I was going to write because of this stunt.

Stand up Kay!

"What I see from the folks who are opposing our agenda is whining coming from losers." -- Thom Tillis

All Hagan has to do to lose this election is antagonize her base

and actually, she's done a good job of that for almost six years. I write Burr and Hagan all the time. Burr's responses are articulate and answer my letter. I may not like him or what he stands for, but he is responsive. Hagan's replies are fluff. 'Thank you for contacting my office. I will keep your thoughts in mind as....." I could be asking her to support the KKK, eat kittens, or support a subsidy for hemorrhoid sufferers and the letter wouldn't change. Now this.

Stan Bozarth

It's very simple

Winning elections 101:

  1. Cement your base.
  2. Get a sufficient number of swing voters.

Losing elections 101:

  1. Antagonize your base.
  2. Nothing else matters.

"What I see from the folks who are opposing our agenda is whining coming from losers." -- Thom Tillis