The coming assault on women

Hot off their latest "prayer breakfast," North Carolina's Grand Old Patriarchy is gearing up for what promises to be a long and relentless assault on the rights of women. And why not? Everyone knows that women can't think for themselves. The weaker sex needs the government to ensure they are informed about their own bodies before they decide to terminate a pregnancy.

You see, women are especially stupid and ignorant when it comes to pregnancy. Just ask Taliban Stam. He has it all figured out. The government shouldn't be telling women about the importance of safe sex. That would be an insult to god. Nor should the government inform women about the risks of, say, brain surgery. Who cares about that? No, the only thing that really matters to Taliban Stam is passing a new law requiring women to understand that god wants them stay pregnant and have those blessed children no matter what. Plus, of course, he also wants to strip abortion coverage from insurance policies covering state employees and college students in the UNC system.

Bills to ensure that women don't get to think for themselves will most assuredly get through the General Assembly in the next few months. The same applies to cutting coverage for abortion for state employees. Which means that the only thing standing between North Carolina women and the Grand Old Patriarchy is Governor Beverly Perdue's veto pen.

If the Governor vetoes a bill, the bill is returned to the original house where 3/5 of present and voting members can vote to override the veto. If the original house votes to override the veto, the bill is sent to the second house where 3/5 of present and voting members must also vote to override the veto before the bill can become law.

It's a scary situation that our state is dependent on a single person, Governor Perdue, to stand tall and carry the burden sanity in the face of the coming right-wing assault. With history as a guide, I don't have huge confidence in her resolve. But it's the only defense we have, so let's make the most of it.


Taliban Stam

James, this is a well written blog. It amazes me how the party of "small government" wants a big, powerful government when it comes to pushing their social/religious agenda. And to think that, during the health care debate, republicans said the "government" should stay OUT of the doctor-patient relationship. This is purely hypocritical but entirely expected. Peace!

Michael J. Gould, MS, FIOPL
Member, SEANC Board of Governors
Member, NDP SEC

Thanks ... it gets even worse

It boggles my mind that so many people in North Carolina have no idea about the campaign against women's rights that's going on. It will be no time at all before the legislature passes laws permitting healthcare professionals to ignore patient needs on their own personal whims. Taliban Stam won't be happy until women are bleeding in the streets, like they are in Idaho. And to think, the man has the gall to claim he's only doing what Jesus would want. The only Jesus Stam knows is the one he made up to fit his perverted agenda.

Warped agenda

Riding in the car with my ex today (I know, it's strange), I gave her a painfully long rundown of all the cuts and sacrifices we could expect from the new Republican General Assembly, and I rounded out my tirade with something like, "Most of the stuff on their agenda is negative, taking things away from regular people. The only entities in this state they're really concerned about are corporations. They say they're concerned about taxpayers, but what savings you'll see on your paycheck will be negligable, while the loss of services will be felt by everybody."