Competence in Action

You know when stories like this come out, they never get the press they deserve. And this one deserves a lot, because the people of North Carolina can borrow at a lower rate and save money to help improve our state because the Democrats are fiscally responsible:

North Carolina again has the top-level credit rating from all three bond-rating agencies after Moody's Investors Service upgraded the state Friday.
The firm cited the state's rebounded economy, good fiscal management and the decision by lawmakers to replenish rainy-day reserve accounts as reason's for restoring the triple-A rating.
North Carolina is now just one of seven states to have the top government from all three agencies, according to a statement from State Treasurer Richard Moore.

This is not the sexy type of news, but it proves once again that competence pays and that clearly our local Democrats run a much better government than their Republican counterparts (e.g. $9 trillion in debt). Even the private bond markets agree that is good to have Democrats in power.


Great News!

I didn't realize we were one of only 7 states.

Now, if we could just boost our primary education results/status up there we'd be in high cotton.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

I know

it's a curse. Would you believe that I've also been accused of being a Pollyanna?

This is very good news, though.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

the best way to boost primary education results/status

is to increase the quality and accessibility of high quality early childhood experiences. It doesn't have to be traditional child care! But especially for children who come out of high-risk environments: where there is only one parent in the home, where parents have not acheived at least a high-school diploma, where one parent is unemployed NOT by choice, where income is poverty level or below, high quality early childhood education makes a world of difference. It pays off in the long run, too. It only makes sense. And cents - every dollar we invest in high quality early childhood education is a dollar that we know will go towards helping a young NC citizen become productive and contributive within the next 20 years. It's smart money.

I've got a lot more to say about this. I guess it's time for a piece of my own.
"Be the change you wish to see in the world." - Gandhi

I don't think R's in NC would be fiscally irresponsible

in the same way that happens nationally, even if they could run up debt. My fear is that they'd erode trust on the other end.

Reserves would be a thing of the past because it's "their money" and the mean old government shouldn't be "holding their money" because "they know better to do with their money than some bureaucrat in wherever."

Nor would they invest . . . which would mean more and more unexpected hits in the future as infrastructure deteriorates. We'd lurch from crisis to crisis, which is exactly what happens when planning is sneered at and maintenance is ignored.