Congratulate the election of enviornmental champs

We did it!

As you know there are tremendous victories to report up and down the ballot.

Time to get right to work to ensure that President-elect Barack Obama and the incoming members of the new Congress tackle the pressing environmental issues facing our state and the nation.

But first, here's an opportunity to congratulate the candidates who won and applaud their commitment to the environment.

Environment North Carolina, as part of Environment America, endorsed 29 candidates for Congress and Sen. Barack Obama for president. We're excited to announce that, so far, 25 environmental champions were victorious on Election Day -- including Kay Hagan for U.S. Senate and Larry Kissell and Heath Shuler for Congress -- giving us an enormous head start on our agenda for 2009. (The other four races are still too close to call.)

Join us in sending them a note of congratulations for their Election Day victory and to applaud their environmental leadership.

From curbing global warming to repowering America with clean, renewable energy to preserving our threatened wild places, the politicians we elected yesterday will help define the legacy that we leave for our children and future generations of Americans.

Together we've done our part during this historic election. Over the last few months, staff and volunteers have been knocking on doors, making phone calls, sharing e-mails and Web videos and distributing important education materials to tens of thousands of undecided voters about the pressing environmental issues facing the nation -- and the candidates that will tackle those issues.

Thanks to everyone for your support and involvement, and congratulations on helping to deliver an Election Day victory for our environment.