Congressman Taylor Disrespects North Carolina Family of Flight 93 Crew Member

Congressman Charles Taylor has, for three years, blocked the construction of a memorial to those killed on Flight 93 on September 11, 2001. In today's Asheville Citizen-Times, family members of Sandy Bradshaw, a flight attendant on United Airlines Flight 93, speak out against Representative Taylor:

AC-T: "“This man is not being a very good American,” said Virginia Bradshaw, who lives in Banner Elk in Avery County."
"Like Taylor, she is a Republican, but said the Western North Carolina congressman’s actions “make my blood boil.”
Gina Farfour, Sandy Bradshaw’s sister-in-law, said Taylor’s office has been unresponsive to family members seeking his help on a memorial.

Farfour worked on the memorial committee helping design the proposal and said many family members were upset with a Taylor suggestion that a college scholarship fund may be a more appropriate memorial.

“I think the government spends a lot of money unnecessarily, but this is one time I think it would be a wise investment,” Farfour said. “When you think of the 44 people on that plane, including the four terrorists, 96 percent of the remains are still unclaimed. When you think of that, it’s as much a burial site as anything.”

You can listen to Virginia Bradshaw via the AC-T here, here, here, and here.
You can listen to Gina Farfour here and here.

Congressman Taylor is claiming that he has suddenly, after being one of the most pork-happy members of Congress for 15 years, decided to be a wise steward of taxpayer money. Remember that the federal government is in the deepest debt in history, that Taylor continues to promote huge pork projects like the Road to Nowhere even while crying that a memorial to those killed by terrorists on September 11 is too expensive. Virginia Bradshaw and Gina Farfour are not political people. They are innocent family members seeking recognition. Charles Taylor can't be bothered to talk to them or listen to them.

Call Charles Taylor's office today (828) 251-1988 to ask if the Congressman would be willing to meet with the family members and hear their concerns.