Congresswoman Louise Slaughter

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I join Atrios in commending Ms. Slaughter for her speech on the House floor today.

It is a reality made all the more egregious by the historic importance of this moment.

We are at a crossroads today, and I fear that we will not by judged kindly by future Americans for what my Republican friends want us to do today.

This bill sends a clear message to both our friends and our enemies about what kind of people we are.

It shows them whether or not we are really willing to practice what we preach about freedom, democracy, and human dignity.

It is moments like this one when we reveal our true colors, and our real values.

Sadly, M. Speaker, those watching today will conclude that when the going gets tough, America's leaders are willing abandon our values...

...abandon them in favor of thuggish tactics they hope might make them safer for a little while.

Editorial note: The bill Ms. Slaughter is speaking of is the Senate's detainee legislation.

Indeed, Ms. Slaughter. Indeed.

The fellow I work with made the comment, as Ms. Slaughter was speaking, "Shut up bitch" and when I questioned him on whether or not he knew what she was talking about, he replied that he did and that it was related to the Geneva Convention rules.

He then said that we should "Grill'em until we get the information we want."

It's Americans like this, Americans that can't think beyond their own petty anger that force us into bad situations like the occupation of Iraq. It's Americans that feel we have to commit tremendous acts of retribution because "that's what the terrorists do" to us. These Americans feel that we should sacrifice our moral standards, forsake our moral courage and violate our moral integrity to act like terrorists.

It's pathetic that there are American men and women that feel it's okay to treat any human with anything less than what's required in the Geneva Convention, regardless of what crime that individual may have committed. It is the way we treat each other, the way we treat ourselves and the strength of our moral convictions that separate us from the terrorists. If we violate them, give just an fraction of an inch, we become them. I fear that we have and I hope that we can reverse the tide of weakness and build back our moral character and repair our values.


I hope the fellow you work with

isn't a Marine who one day finds himself in the hands of enemy captors, because he will sure as hell lose his head in a heartbeat.

Nice entry, Thomas. Recommended to front page.


He was a Marine and often, still refers to himself as one (you know, Once a Marine, Always...).

At any rate, I'm seriously considering resigning my government commission, should I find a suitable job.

Thomas S. Brock


What have YOU done today to make the world a better place?


grill them until we get what we want
and that is exactly what you will get. what you want. not the truth. not what you need. but what you want.

i would rather get the truth and actually make our country safer. guess that makes me evil.

"Keep the Faith"

You mus' be a commie pinko terrist sympatiger

What's the matter with you? Don't you like torturing people? Didn't you read in the Bible where Jesus just LOOOOOVES to torture people? These folks are jus' following in the lord's footsteps. That's all.