Conservatives dodging responsibility for tuition increases


It's always somebody else's fault:

“You add all those things together and it’s a recipe for difficulty if not disaster for some of the institutions that serve populations of students from less privileged backgrounds,” Leonard said. Some conservatives agree that rising tuition costs are a problem but say the remedy is that the universities should reduce administrative and management costs and become more efficient.

“The cuts from the General Assembly should have been a signal to the university system to make internal cuts rather than pushing it to students in tuition increases,” said Jenna Robinson, the director of the conservative John W. Pope Center for Higher Education. “There are a lot of places within the administration where cuts can be made.”

But apparently not at the top tier, where the GOP-dominated Board decided (behind closed doors) to lavish huge salary increases to chancellors, many of whom were already being paid hundreds of thousands per year. I'm sure the irony is lost on this particular Pope Puppet, but it isn't lost on the rest of us.