Cook Report upgrades NC-05 from "Solid" to "Likely" Republican

Further evidence that the tenacious Carter campaign is drawing blood in the besieged mountain communities of NC-05:

House Editor David Wasserman releases ratings changes in an additional 12 districts. The GOP internal "death list" memo, leaked to U.S.News and World Report's Paul Bedard, exposes just how white-knuckled some in the Republican conference are. At this point, the choice Republican strategists face is not whether to play offense or defense, but rather where it's still worth playing defense.

Ratings Changes

AL-03 Mike Rogers Solid Republican to Likely Republican

FL-16 Tim Mahoney Lean Republican to Likely Republican

FL-18 Ileana Ros-Lehtinen Solid Republican to Likely Republican

ID-01 Bill Sali Lean Republican to Toss Up

IL-10 Mark Kirk Lean Republican to Toss Up

MN-03 OPEN (Ramstad) Toss Up to Lean Democratic

NJ-03 OPEN (Saxton) Toss Up to Lean Democratic

NM-01 OPEN (Wilson) Toss Up to Lean Democratic

NC-05 Virginia Foxx Solid Republican to Likely Republican

SC-01 Henry Brown Likely Republican to Lean Republican

WV-02 Shelley Moore Capito Likely Republican to Lean Republican

WY-AL OPEN (Cubin) Likely Republican to Lean Republican

COME ON DCCC! I know you're paying attention to this race! We've got FIVE DAYS to make those last minute media buys!

Any party investment in this area will yield Democratic victories for YEARS to come. The voters of NC-05 are smart people. The state and national parties should stop treating them like un-reformable, uneducable, unapproachable, untouchable wretches.


Go Coach Carter

Virginia Foxx is one of those reps who has not seen improvement having found herself in the minority. She's even battier, nuttier and filled with more hate. Her constituents must be embarrassed. That's a district where a little can go a long way too.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

I agree, Betsy

Still a few days left, so let's hope they wake up and throw at least a bone.

I Tell Ya

I'm about at my wits end here. Carter is consistently on the front page here at BlueNC. He has made the Roundup page on DailyKos numerous times. He has encouarging poll numbers. He has an ad on TV and an ad in the can that is one of the best I have ever seen. He just shifted Cook.

All I can envision is Carter and his staff banging their heads against the wall at HQ screaming "what more do we have to do to make the DCCC take notice?!"


I started to laugh

then I almost cried.


Thanks for the sentiment, though.

I hate it for you and for Coach Carter.

He seems to be a decent guy. Heck, it's hard to do xx years in public ed wihtout being at least mostly decent.

He'd be light years better than Foxx (Not just fake news, fake ledership.)

Person County Democrats

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?