Craig Weber - A True Representative of Eastern North Carolina

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Craig Weber is challenging Congressman Walter B. Jones, Jr. for his 3rd Congressional District seat in North Carolina.

Craig Weber has a plan to build the 3rd District up, instead of allowing it to be torn down.

Craig wants to build the Marine Sciences program at Carteret Community College into one of the largest and most advanced programs on the east coast. As the school is located near the Atlantic Ocean and among unique marsh and wetlands, the school already is home to some of the best environmental and marine science minds in the United States.

Craig wants to save the beaches of Eastern North Carolina. His career in meteorology gives him insights into a plan to properly re-nourish the beaches, instead of mindlessly replacing sand year after year, wasting millions of dollars of the tax-payers’ money. Craig’s plan is multi-faceted and includes jetties strategically placed as well as finding a matching sand to refill beaches. Craig wants to find well thought-out and permanent solutions to the erosion problems, not just mindless “this is what we’ve always done “temporary answers.

Craig has a plan to balance the 3rd District’s economy. Currently, the economy is based on tourism and when travel is down, such as when fuel prices are high, the economy and the people of the 3rd District suffer. Shifting to agriculture and manufacturing can help to swing the economy into a level state. Rebuilding the fishing industry in Eastern North Carolina from purely local to regional and national will further strengthen small businesses, allowing them to hire more workers and spend more money locally.

Craig Weber has plans for Eastern North Carolina. Let’s get him into the House of Representatives so that he can help us pave the roads to the 3rd District’s future.

More information on Craig Weber and his plans are available on his website. Contributions to Craig’s campaign can be made here.


Very Nice, Thomas

I'm so glad you have started writing about Craig. It's great to get the word out.

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