Crowdsourcing the decline

Everyone I talk with who cares about North Carolina has a different issue that triggers their outrage, and goodness knows there are so many sources to choose from. If you're willing, please list the top three actions the GOP legislature has taken or might take that most upset you. I'm making a list.



Very difficult to prioritize

And not just because of the sheer number of policies they've pursued, but also the nature of the problems resulting. My gut reaction was the recent attacks on renewable energy, from doing away with tax credits last year to the most recent attack on wind energy.

But...Okay, there are things we really need for long-term health & security (energy reform, investment in infrastructure), and there are things which rise to the level of human rights violations. In my opinion, we simply *must* give priority to the latter. Real-world suffering, especially of targeted classes, should not be relegated to a lower level of concern, regardless of how capable the defenders of those particular classes are. With that in mind:

#1 Attacks on the rights and protections of LGBT folks. Not just HB2, and not just the recent horror in Orlando. Preachers who stand at the pulpit and legitimize the persecution of our friends should be shamed out of town, and every candidate for office should be forced to either reject this approach or embrace it. No middle of the road bullshit.

#2 Attacks on women's rights, particularly the right to seek an abortion, without having to hear a state-sponsored lecture, have their private medical records (and scans) "kept on file" by government bureaucrats, and without having to travel 200 fucking miles to have a procedure done.

#3 The refusal to expand Medicaid was (no matter how they spin it) a refusal to render medical assistance to a half-million people. Republicans basically said, "Our ability to cut taxes for the rich, and our desire to undermine Obamacare, are much more important to us than the health and well-being of hundreds of thousands of North Carolinians."

That's my three, but it doesn't mean I care any less for a whole bunch of other stuff.

education (screwing over

education (screwing over veteran teachers,ie longevity, no pay raises)
medicaid (kicking em' when their are down)
local government (shifting costs, usurping power, interfering)

I'm a moderate Democrat.

1, 2, 3

#1 The bungling and dismantling of Dorothea Dix Hospital in Raleigh thereby eliminating a centralized state resource for mental health treatment.

#2 The act of even bringing into question the movement, sale or elimination of the School for the Blind in Raleigh and The School for the Deaf in Morganton.

#3 Medicaid expansion

With those three alone, it was apparent that the NCGA didn't give a damn about the state's most vulnerable citizens.

Top 3

It's difficult to choose, but here goes:

#1 - Injecting extremist religious viewpoints into public law. This includes:

-Attempts to eliminate LGBT rights through Amendment One and HB2,

-Attacks on women's health and a woman's right to choose abortion and make other health decisions with her physician and family,

-"Poor shaming" through laws, such as drug testing for welfare, that make an assumption that the poor are morally inferior or push the poor into programs run by religious organizations.

#2 - The gutting of public education through attempts to privatize public schools or inject religious or political doctrine into our education system. This includes:

-Cutting of public school funding while, at the same time, increasing funding for unaccountable private and religious schools,

-Meddling in the management of the UNC system to punish critics and stifle academic debate, stack governance boards with political lackies, and push for the elimination of HCBUs.

#3 - Poisoning the voting process. Including:

-Voter ID and limited ballot access laws and policies that dilute the power of minorities in our political process,

-Gerrymandering and local redistricting, which is eliminating competitive races in most parts of the state and not showing representation in local, state, and Federal offices that reflect the political views of the voters.

If I could choose a #4, it would be allowing private business to buy favorable laws and regulations. This includes:

-Laws and regulations that eliminate environmental protections for short-term gain in areas such as fracking,

-Laws and regulations that benefit specific businesses or small groups of businesses, such as meddling in local zoning affairs for the benefit of large developers or funneling state funding to private businesses that are connected with specific legislators (such as using public funding for private, commercial schools),

-Eliminating local control, through laws such as HB2, that are used to respond to local conditions, such as HB2's outlawing of local minimum wage laws.

We are no longer their constituents.

We are no longer their constituents. They are not acting for the best interests of the people of North Carolina. They do not answer to us, but to ultra-right-wing billionaires, whose favor they seek.

Tell me how we benefit by requirements that solar farms have a 1 and a half mile setback from the property line?? We don't. The oil industry does. Who cares if solar has created thousands of jobs in our state? Cater to out of state oil interests instead of NC residents.

The same can be said for so many of their actions. And this has to stop.