The Cunningham Jobs Plan: "It starts in the classroom."

With this release today, the Cunningham campaign becomes the first in this race to propose a substantial Jobs Recovery Plan.

What's more, the "Voices of North Carolina" series is a new approach to policy communication that comes not from Washington, but from right here at home. It is Cal's belief that there's no better way to invest a campaign with the ideas and concerns of North Carolinians than to shine the spotlight of a statewide campaign on their stories. So at every step, his campaign is going to communicate with voters through the voices of their neighbors. That way, the focus of the platform remains on us.

Cal is encouraging voters to listen to the workday stories of our North Carolina neighbors in the same way that he has as a traveling candidate, with attention to the solutions that come directly from the people who know this state best.

They teach our kids and build the world around us. They push for progress in the new green jobs and energy sector. They'll survive these tough times by being smarter, retraining and adapting to change.

Because at some point in our lives, whether we knew it or not, we were all taught by someone like Lydia to do just that.

Frank Eaton
Director of New Media
Cunningham for U.S. Senate


Frank, you are a video genius

What an excellent piece of work. Maybe you can share how you're going to push it into circulation? Not asking for campaign secrets ... just some general thoughts.

Thank you, James

As the primary electorate begins to engage in this race, we hope to be where they go to look for substance and answers. BlueNC is part of that. Facebook is part of that. Reposting and forwarding is certainly crucial and appreciated. As a general rule, the new media group intends to be smart, nimble and attentive.

I for one am very much looking forward to honing that approach as this series develops over the next few months!

Outstanding work




There cannot fail to be more kinds of things, as nature grows further disclosed. - Sir Francis Bacon

Cal's best piece yet.

Great job Frank. When I run for grand poobah, I want you doing my vide stuff.

This is the best thing I've seen from Cal. It's really the first thing that I've seen that's made me want to know more. In part that's because my life is all about public education. I have some small quibbles with what he lays out here, but I like the big themes. If he ever wants to talk shop about education reform, I'd love to sit down with him.



That clip of you dancing at the DNC is the only video you'll ever need to get anything you ever want in politics in this state!

But in the meantime, we'd love your thoughts on this piece of policy. Drop me a note at:

See you at the SEC meeting in February!

How do the candidates feel about "bi-partianship"?

There are a lot of things that need to be done in our country right now that I believe progressives in congress can accomplish legislatively through individual initiatives if they are truly interested in making the effort. To me, some of these things are:
1. End insurance companies’ ability to drop health care coverage for people when get sick.
2. End the ban on individuals being able to buy health care across state lines where it is disallowed.
3. End the insurance companies’ ability to reject giving health care coverage for people with pre-existing conditions.
4. End the ban on homosexuals serving openly in the military.
5. Initiate severe restrictions on corporate involvement in political campaigns throughout our country locally, statewide and nationally within constitutional limits.

Okay, that’s five. And, yep, IMO there are many more such things (beyond the most important jobs efforts) that can be done without having to build massive bills that generate all sorts of excessive tag-on spending provisions and have to include everyone’s wishes and druthers to get done. I am not being naïve here in thinking that these will not take some effort, but I truly believe that there is enough “bi-partisan” support to get them accomplished without too much posturing and political maneuvering. We have seen that if bills are tagged “democratic” or “republican” bills, a huge fence goes up immediately in congress between the aisles. No one seems to want to see the opposing party getting a “win”, so to speak. Congresspeople and senators are just going to HAVE to start talking to each other if we are going to see ANY progress for the American people. Bills sponsored by people from both parties have had far more success getting passed than those presented unilaterally.

Is it not the time now for those that we send to Washington to start doing what we sent them there for in the first place? That is only going to happen if they can get over their power struggles. Personally, regardless of party, I think the voters all across the country should throw out the bums that show they are unwilling to work in a bi-partisan manner to solve our most pressing problems today.

I wonder how our three candidates running for the nomination to unseat Richard Burr feel about this.