DAG McCrory sics police on reporter

Apparently school security involves stifling the press:

On Friday, Wilmington’s Hoggard High School hosted Governor Pat McCrory, who, according to other media outlets, gave a speech about safety in public schools.

The invitation-only event was small and high-security; in fact, WHQR Reporter Katie O’Reilly was barred from entering. But before being escorted off-site by four uniformed members of law enforcement, O'Reilly was able to talk to others who were not on the guest list; namely, education activists who gathered outside the school to protest the governor's recent policies.

Speaking of "other media outlets", I just watched News14's coverage of the event. Which means, DAG McCrory's staff let them know ahead of time so they could cover it, while blocking a local television station from doing the same. Which was a PR failure, since that forced the local reporter to cover something News14 missed (or was asked to miss):

" It’s a protest against McCrory’s policies and things that he’s trying to get done. And specifically for me, he’s here talking about school safety, but the number one issue in preventing things from happening at schools is mental health. Of students and staff and families. "

Demonstrators say they hope to shine public attention on recent legislative measures including what they say is decreased spending per pupil, insufficient teacher pay, eliminated positions within the school system and increased vouchers for private schools.

And a little too late to repair the damage:

Editor's Note: Since this story aired, Governor Pat McCrory's Deputy Communications Director Ryan Tronovitch has reached out to WHQR and apologized for what he characterized as an unfortunate mix-up.

What? No apology from Kim Genardo? Must be below her to deal with a local media outlet.


Pat's so sorry

Really, being escorted off the premises by FOUR uniformed law enforcement personnel really is an "unfortunate mix-up".

And the 22 pages of anti-choice near-ban of abortion in a motorcycle safety bill is just a "typo".

That's one helluva hole you've dug there, Pat. Why are you still digging?

"I will have a priority on building relationships with the minority caucus. I want to put substance behind those campaign speeches." -- Thom Tillis, Nov. 5, 2014