Dallas (not the Busdriver) Woodhouse UPDATED

URGENT UPDATE: Dallas Woodhouse just called me at my home to say he was not the driver of the bus and did not make the statements quoted in the Greenville paper. He said he does not believe the crazies were planted by Pelosi. He swore at me several times, before finally threatening me. He also said he is not a dog. This is in response to a comment I made somewhere about his being on a leash, which is a mistake on my part. Mr. Woodhouse is clearly not a dog, nor is he on a leash. That comment happened as part of a discussion in which Mr. Woodhouse called me a prick.

Mr. Woodhouse made several specific requests and threats which I am taking seriously. Thus, my post here is updated accordingly.

This is getting good, folks. Thanks for Progressive Pulse for digging up this gem from Dallas (UPDATE: not the Busdriver) Woodhouse.

The outbursts against Democratic legislators at town hall meetings are being coordinated by the White House through the Democratic National Committee and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, so they can demonize those who speak out against the proposed insurance reforms, Woodhouse said.

To my knowledge.



I just stubbed my toe when walking to my socialist mailbox to get mail delivered by pinko commie servants of the state wearing state sponsored uniforms bearing eagles that look like Nazi symbols ...

... and it's Nancy Pelosi's fault!




If you were wearing jackboots instead of hippie flip-flops this never would have happened. This is what you get with liberal open-toed policies. The lack of support for hosiery is driving sock puppets out of our state while gangs of illegal insteps roam free.

"Bus Dallas" does not play for the Pittsburg Steelers?

Dallas Woodhouse just called me to say he was not the driver of the bus and did not make the statements quoted in the Greenville paper. He said he does not believe the crazies were planted by Pelosi. He swore at me several times, before finally threatening me. He also said he is not a dog.* Story

Dallas reminds one of a Chicago Bus Transit wreck. When the wreck occured, there was nobody on the bus, but the driver and when the Cops and the EMT's arrive, there was two hundred injured persons laying around the Bus...with Chicago type of Art Pope lawyers getting the name of the Chicago Bus Transit Insurance company

My apologies

As noted above, Mr. Woodhouse (who is apparrently not the bus driver) called this afternoon to swear at me and threaten me. He specifically demanded that I withdraw the comment (at Progressive Pulse) about him being on a leash, saying that he is not a dog.

That is the purpose of this announcement. If I could withdraw that comment, I would. I apologize for saying that Mr. Woodhouse traded in his intellect for a short leash. I did not mean to imply that he is a dog in any way.

I also apologize for hanging up on Mr. Woodhouse. His temper was rather heated, and his profanity was causing major distress to my daughter.


James and Morton, I really hope that you recorded everything that jerk said to you or at least have witnesses. I agree with everything that you said. I read the story, if the guy wants to run his mouth and spread lies about Health Care Reform and participate in the disruption of town halls then he deserves to be called out as you did. It's a shame he can't be an adult and understand that you have a right to free speech just as much as he does. Difference is, you weren't lying. Some people....

No worries

It's funny that the two things that bothered the Not-Busdriver the most were being identified as the busdriver and the comment about the leash.

"I'm a public policy advocate just like you," he said. Now there's a comparison that'll just about turn your stomach.

Fact check

The News & Observer first reported this statement:

Woodhouse, who drove the bus, said Saturday’s crowd was one of the largest

It appears still on the N&O Under the Dome blog teaser. It has been changed in the expanded body of the post to read:

Woodhouse said Saturday’s crowd was one of the largest.

There is no correction disclaimer as is typical with the Dome.

The bus driver business wasn't his main beef

he was upset about the leash comment ... and the worry that his children would think he's a dog. It was very strange.

He also said he was misquoted by the Greenville paper, that he didn't use the word "coordinating" ... but he couldn't remember exactly what he said. Given the distortions coming out of AFP every day, it's difficult to accept anything Mr. Woodhouse offers on face value, but I do know for sure that he is not a dog.

I do so wish I had a recording of his call. It scared the crap out of my daughter. This is one of the reasons I don't do business by telephone. My work products (and my apologies) are public for all to see.

Thereto prick'd on by a most emulate Pride

The phrase being "on a short leash" has plenty of currency in literature and in public discourse. It's a reference to a degree of control. The most common reference is to a man controlled by a wife. You didn't call him a dog. He read that into it. It's not what I think of when I hear or read that phrase.

He did of course call you a prick, aka penis, and had no worries about his children seeing that.

That's how I saw it, too

But insults must always be viewed in the eyes of the offended. I'm more than willing to take his objections on face value, even though he has called me a liar and a prick and a jerk. I don't expect any apologies from him, though.

This just in....

neither Snopes.com nor bing.com confirms that Woodhouse is a dog.

However, "Training Dogs the Woodhouse Way Makes Them More Aggressive"!


I'm afraid to ask what your Google search was to come up with that one. Hilarious. Good find.

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