A Day at the Races

I thought I'd take a break from setting up and organizing the 2006 Races book to provide an update.

  • The races for NC House and NC Senate are each divided into a section for races with contested primaries (house | senate) and all others (house | senate). Once filings are closed, I'll add a third section for each house for uncontested races. I haven't counted them up, but it seems like there are a lot more Republican primary contests than Democratic so far.
  • I've set up a bloglines account for news feeds on each of the contested primary districts. The feeds are Google News searches for each candidate, so there will be a few duplicate entries in each folder and the searches will pick up some news articles that aren't applicable, but in general I think this can be a good quick resource for news by district.
  • I put together a single RSS feed that blends all of the feeds described in the last bullet point for the true news junkie. I've never used Feedblendr before, and I'm not sure that this URL won't change as I add more feeds (as more candidates file), so keep an eye out for updates.
  • Senate district 50 is a fun case of a contested Republican primary. The Democrat incumbent will either be facing a former House member, a school principal, a financial planner, or a certified wingnut.

More to come!


Boy, the wingnut is definitely certified

I'll write an extended diary on this sometime, but he basically argues that having riparian setbacks is an unconstitutional 'taking' of private property.

It's the same sort of thing John Hood would say. They don't give a damn that the impacts of development and farming on the edges of rivers can lead to huge downstream problems and serious degradation of water resources.

This is important

The Senate District 50 Wingnut is all about a new Oregon law called M37 that seems to be a swing toward the wild west in terms of freedom to use property as one wants. We need to keep our eye on this. A few wingers jumping on this bandwagon will suck up all the self-righteousness you can imagine in the name of freedom and the American dream.

Just don't ask them to care about their neighbors.

Great job, Lance!

(Forgot to sing your praises because I got distracted by the wingnut. Sorry.)

Thank You

Excellent Work!
I've Crossposted to the 2nd District WebSite as the top Story