Dear Congressman Price.

A while back we had a conversation in which you said the difficult issue of impeachment would get in the way of Congress tackling more important issues. I took you at your word. So today, I was more than a little surprised to find this important issue dominating discussion in the supposedly Democratic-controlled House of Representatives.

I was happy to see that you voted against the absurd bill, so thank you for that. But as to your caution about the "distraction" of impeachment, I must say, I ain't buying it any more. The Democratic leadership in the House has lost me and my wallet completely.

So when you see Nancy Pelosi bustling by in those hallowed marble halls of yours, be sure to share my feedback with her. You can keep it really simple so she'll be sure to understand:



amen, brother james

I am reading the new John Dean book, which quotes our Congressman Price on the fifteen-car pileup of a mess this Administration has done to our Constitution and normal operations of government. Everything he says gives ample evidence for the need for impeachment hearings. EVERYTHING. Personally, I am surprised no one at the UN thought to arrest Bush for war crimes this week while he was there trying to convince the world that he cares about human rights.

I even had a fantasy recently of running against Price on this issue. I would probably vote like him 99% of the time, except that I would constantly call for impeachment and getting out of Iraq, and NOT starting Armaggedon with Iran.

Never mind that I don't even know enough people to get two emergency numbers on my son's school contact card - this is just how disappointed I am. I have sent money to Larry Kissell, but otherwise I just can't give to those who will not uphold their official duties of oversight.

Same with Waxman and Conyers, by the way - why are these people in contempt of Congress not arrested?
On C-Span now, the are voting to set exposure limits to popcorn additive!!!

POPCORN! My EIGHT YEAR OLD will be paying for this war!

Fight them and keep the faith!

I am reading the new John Dean book, which quotes our Congressman Price on the fifteen-car pileup of a mess this Administration has done to our Constitution and normal operations of government. Everything he says gives ample evidence for the need for impeachment hearings. EVERYTHING. Personally, I am surprised no one at the UN thought to arrest Bush for war crimes this week while he was there trying to convince the world that he cares about human rights.* chun yang

Good for you for reading John's book. He is correct about Congressman Price trying to do his best along with Congressman Miller. There is only so much time and the Repubs left us with the biggest constitutional mess this nation has ever had.......It's no political Paradise in DC anymore. It has a dark evil spirit that scares most of the reps that we have up there. I was John's roomate in another life time [see below] and still stay in touch and believe me our old school consititutional politics still shake the other dark side at times.......You have to fight these bastards now. They are a different breed of a conservative cat that needs to be de fur for good and never be allowed on the American political landscape again. Keep the faith!

Staunton Military Academy
Senior Class of 1957

Class Enrollment: 155

Cyril B. Aaron L. Merrimon Johnson, III
James W. Alexander Kenneth Raynor Jones
David L. Allen William Gibbs Kable, III
G. Eric Anderson John Michael Kelly
Jaime L. Barcelo Malcolm Drake Kemp, Jr.
Gerald G. Bartel Donald Martin Kersch
Kenneth A. Bartlett, Jr. Jay Putzel King
Leonard J. Beck William Hunter Kirkpatrick
William George Becker Paul Robert Krause
Peter C. Bennett Robert J. Liable
Nicholas Berklich, Jr. George Philip Langford
Gerald Edward Bernfeld Jack Clifford Larkey
Connie Mac Berry, Jr. aka Max the dog

William Hardy Ledbetter
Richard L. Bethea Kenneth P. Legum, Jr.
Ronald W. Black Donald Emerson Lipps
James Thomas Blalock James L. Lobbestael
Robert C. Boecking Thomas W. Loomis
Ralph Lamer Bolton, II John Patrick McCormick
Kenneth H. Boyer Kenneth C. McGee, Jr.
John J. Braddish, Jr. Edward M. Malone
Richard K. Bradshaw Alberto Margarida
William H. Brite Douglas A. Marsh
John H. Brody Fred Mautino
Rafael A. Calderon Roger Wayne Maxwell
Donald K. Carey Harrison May
Mark A. Chasin Jack William Meyers
Fredrick W. Christensen Thomas Clinton Middleton
George W. Collier, Jr. Donald P. Minot
Charles Wayland Collins Guy Warren Minot
James T. Condo John Sutherland Mitchell, Jr.
Bruce M. Conklin William Stuart Moffett, III
J. Lance Cooper Donald Piper duRoi Nelson, Jr.
James Joseph Corsetty Michael Joseph Newman
Ben W. Covington, III Terry Dean Norris
Edward R. Cox Lawrence Edward Oyler
Claude Lee Crawford, Jr. Michael J. Paradise, Jr.
John Robert Culbreth Craig Elton Pearce
William Edward Curle Richard William Pears, Jr.
Arthur D. Czimer Peter F. Pezowicz, Jr.
James A. Davidson David W. Porter
John W. Dean, III Peter Aldrick Potter
Vincent Francis DiStefano Michael Quinlan
Darrel J. Dole Roy Alexander Raney
Emanuel J. Dracakis Howard Steele Reeder, Jr.
James Drake Guillermo Richard
Michael A. Dubuc John F. Richards, Jr.
Ervin J. Erlanger Benedict J. Roache, III
Edward Robert Evans Carroll B. Robertson, Jr.
Milton David Fanaroff Spencer O. Robertson
Richard D. Fasano Daniel P. Robinowitz
Robert E. Fear Jack Rendall Russell
Carlos E. Ferrero Thornton D. Saffer
John Thomas Findley Ponce deLeon Sandlin, III
Finn E. Follum Eduardo C. Schonenberg
Herbert Lawrence Fox William Earl Scott
Robert Lacy Fraser, III Thompson Roger Shearer
Roberto H. Galvez John C. Sinclear, III
Luther Elmore Garrett Dale Clark Smith
Richard Eldon Goldsmith Dale Frederick Snell, Jr.
Barry Morris Goldwater, Jr. Vicente Sol, III
Guillermo Gonzalez James Edward Sorber
Edmund L. Grady Arthur O. Stern
Fred B. Griffin Valeriano Suarez
Dee Riddell Harris Marcos A. Tabares
Alan Bruce Haynes Robert Lee Taylor
Arnold Stott Haynes Peter Jon Worth
George Ernest Henning, Jr. Frank James Vanderbeek
Leon E. Hersom, III Richard Dennis Van Maldeghem
Fredric R. Hiesiger James Vinson, Jr.
Worth Lee Hill Robert Erskine Wagner
George Field Holmes Robert David Walker
William Wilmoth Hooks Charles W. Warren, Jr.
Lee Paul Humble William H. Watson
Edward C. Homan, Jr. Geoffrey John Wilson
Michael Douglas Ison James J. Wilson, II
Charles R. Jenkins Donald Grant Wise
J. Eduardo Jimenez David Lyle Work
Ramiro Jiminez-Paredes


If you check the vote,

you'll see that David voted against the "important issue," and from my conversation with him on the floor during the vote, I can tell you that his thoughts on the vote were pretty similar to yours. If he had been near a trashcan, I think he would have kicked it.

I voted against it too, by the way.

Thank you.

I know you and David both voted against it . . . and I am deeply appreciative.

I also know you share our frustration.

Thank you, Rep Miller

and all of the other Dems who voted against the amendment. I truly appreciate the work you do on our behalf. There's been buzz on the interweb today about who MY congressman is. I hope you know that I consider you one of Mine.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. --Gandhi

Rep. Miller, thanks

I heard you speak at Quail Ridge Books for the Crashing the Gate book signing, and I appreciate your work on bankruptcy practices. It is just very hard for me to explain to my exceptionally smart 8 year. I brought him from China as a baby in 1999, and promised him a government that valued expertise over cronyism, the rule of law and individual rights over dictatorial control, a country with habeas corpus, a country that did not grab people off streets and send them to be tortured. Oh, and the economy was good, too.

When I was a teen, my mail was read by Nixon's COINTELPRO operatives, and these last few years have been like post-traumatic stress for me. I just don't know why saving the Constitution is not higher on the list of priorities for our party. At the current rate, my son will be paying for this war, if not serving in it when he is grown. I promised him better than this. The country deserves better. Please act.

From someone who was there . . .

The underlying bill was a Continuing Resolution, which would fund the government for six weeks while appropriations bills are finalized (i.e., to avoid a shutdown of the federal government beginning next Monday, the beginning of the fiscal year).

The motion to “recommit” the bill to committee is a privilege to which the minority is always entitled under the rules and has nothing to do with the Democratic leadership. As you can imagine, the minority often uses this opportunity to attempt to score political points by attaching extraneous language such as the MoveOn ad condemnation. And as you noted, unfortunately the motion prevailed, and the provision was attached to the underlying Continuing Resolution.

I just wanted to be sure you knew that the fact this vote was held was outside the control of the Democratic leadership.

I understood that - and I'm sympathetic. But as I said in response . . .

it looks to me like the Democratic leadership is playing defense - and is not playing it very well.

What would it look like to NOT be playing defense? In my opinion, it would look like impeachment. It would look like subpoenas followed by contempt charges. It would look like hard, aggressive push-back. It would look like leadership.

Just to be clear, I'm not faulting Congressman Price. I'm just asking him to let Speaker Pelosi know where at least one dedicated Democrat stands.

I think the outcome of this - really

will be that some of the money I've budgeted to go to Democratic Candidates this year will have to go to

They can't take away my freedom of speech that easily.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. --Gandhi


I send them money every time a Replicant attacks them.

I am impressed.

... every time ...

So that means that MoveOn has continuous use of one of your pieces of plastic?? ;-)

Person County Democrats

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?