Dear Senator Burr

First off, I apologize for calling you a dumb Bushbot yesterday. I heard from several people who know you personally that you are not dumb - and I was glad to hear that. In fact, they said you're really smart.

Maybe that means you're taking time to actually study the Navy's misguided plans to site an airfield next to a wildlife refuge in Washington County. I hope that's true. I hope you're not just parroting the untenable positions of your Senior colleague, who is having a hard time looking in the mirror after selling out North Carolina to the people of Virginia Beach.

Because if you do actually study the report, you'll find it is a rigged deal from the get go. It's the same "reverse-engineered" stack of wishful thinking that Judge Terrence Boyle threw out two years ago, with a new yellow ribbon tied around it. The US Navy spent $3.5 million to say what everybody already knew they were going to say on a plan that makes no sense whatsoever.

You'll also find a bizarre bit of irony in the new plan regarding the Navy's "cooperating agency" - the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

The USFWS is serving as a cooperating agency in the development of the SEIS, in accordance with 40 CFR 1501.6.

In this case, of course, "cooperating" means "restricted from having an opinion by official gag order." Every USFWS official familiar with this issue is against the Navy's plan. The people on the ground in Washington County KNOW this will be a disaster, but they have been prevented from saying so by the big USFWS cheeses in Atlanta who are doing nothing but carrying water for the Bush administration.

So, Senator Burr, this is a big moment for you. You can either represent the people of North Carolina and insist that the Navy find a more suitable location in our state for this OLF, or you can represent the people of Virginia who are thrilled to no end that your colleague, Senator Dole, is representing them so admirably.

By the way, did you read this letter to the editor in the N&O last year?

All four for Virginia

I have followed with interest your articles regarding the outlying landing field proposed by the Navy for Beaufort and Washington counties to protect Virginia citizens who live around Oceana Naval Air Station from unwanted noise. It has become apparent to me that Virginia now has four U.S. senators and North Carolina has none. I don't understand this. Something is wrong. Perhaps a constitutional scholar with the knowledge of House Majority Leader Tom DeLay can explain this.

I hope you will come to your senses and take a stand for the people who elected you. As a US Naval Academy graduate, I am all for a strong Navy. And I am proud of North Carolina's long-standing support for our armed forces. But that doesn't mean we should follow the Navy blindly into a plan that will cause so much havoc and almost certainly kill pilots - all because Senator Dole made a deal with the devil.

This is your chance to come out from behind Liddy Dole's shadow and show voters in North Carolina who you're really working for. And you don't have much time. Speak out now and you'll be seen as a leader on this issue.

What say you?

PS One more thought: Democratic Senator Jim Webb of Virginia is all giddy about this plan to dump his state's problems on North Carolina. He doesn't care where, just as long as it's South of the Border. Isn't that reason enough for you to stop this train in its tracks?



Copy this link and/or write your own letter to Senator Burr today. Pretty please?



I've written and faxed him on this subject several times

with no response. It hardly matters what his IQ is...he IS a BushBot and it will hardly matter to him until 2010 what anybody in North Carolina thinks. He's proven that over and over against almost everything sensible in favor of following the party line. He likely hopes everyone will forget his voting record by then...and chances are, many will. Burr will come out with some patriotic bullshit campaign slogan and lots of uninformed people will swoon and think he's fit for duty.

Maybe it will help if we remind them he's a long standing member of the Veterans Affairs Committee. These are the folks who, best I can tell, haven't been in a Veterans Hospital anytime recently...even tho they're charged with oversight. Obama was there too last term.

Burr could surprise me on the OLF...but I'm not holding my breath.

Stan Bozarth

Not holding my breath either

But if he hides behind Liddy's soiled skirts on this one, it'll just be one more nail in his coffin.

The days of people forgetting how candidates voted are over. He can come up with all the patriotic bullshit slogans he wants, but I believe the world will be a different place in 2010. The Internets are engaging many more people on many fronts and the days of buying your way into office through lies and revisionist history are numbered.

This will come down to a simple choice: He's either for the people of North Carolina or for the people of Virginia. If he really wants to stay in the Senate for another term, he'd better make up his mind now.

Yes, Senator -

I am very curious to hear your take on the OLF issue.

I don't know anything about you other than the fact that you exist.

Do you truly represent North Carolina or is it like the aforementioned letter says:

Virginia has four Senators and North Carolina has none.

I will be anxiously awaiting a response.

Done, -A-

Senator Burr,

After reading a post at the website, I feel that I must write you regarding the Navy's planned Outlying Landing Field being considered in Washington County.

(The URL for the post is

The current plan by the Navy will destroy local farms and cause permanent damage to Eastern North Carolina's rich wildlife.

The Navy has restricted US Fish and Wildlife Service from discussing the environmental impacts of the OLF with anyone outside of government. This is an unfair tactic which only serves to show what strong-arm tactics are being used to force the OLF on Eastern NC.

It is clear that the Washington County community does not want the OLF. The limited return of the OLF will not offset the irrevocable damage done to Washington County's agricultural and natural resources.

Please research the OLF and help to represent the Eastern NC community by pushing the Navy to consider other sites.

Thomas S. Brock


What have YOU done today to make the world a better place?

Thank you.

Perfect letter.

Something I sent to Mr. Burr,

I am opposed to the building of this second OLF supporting the people of Virginia any where in North Carolina. This OLF will do no good for us, the people who put you in office.

Some simple facts:
22.1% of the primary business in Perquimans County will be dictated by Navy regulations.

23.3% of the primary business in Washington County will be dictated by Navy requlations.

15.1% of the primary business in Hyde County will be dictated by Navy requlations.

The preceding numbers are from the supplemental documentation for supporting this OLF. These numbers represent the number of acres farmed within the 30,000 acre proposed area the Navy is going to take control of vs the total farm acres for each county.

Since when has it become the responsibility of the Navy to dictate how a farmer will run his business? In this 30,000 acre area, only cotton or forestry is allowed. Yet cotton and forestry is not the prefered crop of the region. So while the Navy has allowed farming to continue, its not allowing these farmers the chance at free market and suppy and demand. This is communism. You took an oath to protect us. We won the cold war against communism, and now you are allowing it within your own state. WHY?

Whats a real kick in the head, is your allowing these farmers to farm this land, but not live on the land they are farming. What? WHY?

Where is the people determining the fate and future of themselfs with this dictation from the Navy?

The only way the people of the effected areas can keep their homes, if the Navy allows it, is if these people forfit all rights to the pursuit of happiness our forefathers identified in the decleration of independance. You know that document? the one that was the basis for the constitution? Now those representitives knew HOW to represent their constituants.

These people will have to sigh a docuement saying the lands they are living on cannot be developed beyond what is here now, and cannot complain when low-level flights bounce them out of bed in the future. Something the people of Virgnia do not have imposed on them, and they are the ones that caused this problem. Why should we have restrictions placed on us? we where here first, we have coexisted within our habitat, we wish to continue this just like the people in Virginia where afforded.

We are asking for the same rights as those in Virginia, the right to control our freedoms and pursue our happyness.

This OLF is not needed and has been stated to many times in the DSEIS, FEIS, and supporting documentation. The Navy CAN perform the military mission at Oceana, Fentress and Cherry Point. Read the documentation, dont take my word on it.

Why will you not read these documents and give us the same rights as allowed by evidence of the actions of Virgina and Florida?

Show me the justification being utilized by the Navy to impose this on the people of North Carolina.

You have the ability to make this thing go away, follow the lead of our Gov, Lt. Gov, Rep Butterfield, Jones and Price, State Senator Basnight other state and Congressanal leaders...
Just say NO OLF.

The time has come for the lines

to be drawn in the sand.

October 11, 2002 Burr signed a letter with Jesse Helms, Myrick, Jones, Coble, Hayes requesting the Navy split site the squadrons to Cherry Point. The letter goes against the Navy’s split siting policy which states, two separate locations for the jets is much more costly, as well as bad for pilot morale and training. Those are three examples of an entire litany of why the Navy does not like to split site.

2007, the NC congressmen get their wish. In order to save NAS Oceana, Cherry Point will receive two squadrons, therefore GOP Congressional leaders have openly endorsed the waste of millions upon millions of tax dollars to split site squadrons but also for an OLF the Navy says is unnecessary.

We can give them the benefit of the doubt that when those individuals signed that letter none of them expected the Navy to choose one of the most environmentally sensitive locations on the east coast of our country for the OLF.

I have heard my entire adult life that the GOP is the party of principles. Many Republicans carry a card with the principles inside their wallets. I suppose it helps to remind them the reasons why they are still hanging tight with a party that has shown the world total hypocrisy.

The OLF is an example of that hypocrisy. There are rational, I repeat RATIONAL site locations for an OLF within our state borders. These sites will not displace our farmers, their families, rural communities or an inviolate wildlife refuge. But, by their inactions regarding the OLF, Burr alongside his cohorts are wearing a scarlet “H” on their hypocritical foreheads. They are telling the world they will would rather see shackles placed on their constituents and create war upon our soil, then stand up to the Navy, Cheney, and the White House. The reign on their souls must be so tight by the Bush administration because any decent human being would try to stop this injustice and defend the principles they tout.

If you politicians sincerely love our state, the people, taxpayers and voters then show us see true leadership regarding this issue. It is not too late.


Sure hope you're sending this to Senator Burr's office - and to the N&O!


Kind of Sounds Like -

the rant I had going in my head this morning.

Way to go, Susan.