Dear TraditionalValues.Org

Thank you so much for sending me a crisp one dollar bill along with your slick, eight-page propaganda about liberals today. I'm guessing you spent four bucks, in addition to the cash, to get that mailing to my house. Which means you all are as dumb as a field of stumps.

Even if I agreed with any of your positions, I wouldn't give you nickel, let alone the ten dollars you asked for. You've already proven your gross incompetence in targeting likely supporters. As a result, I'm sending back your survey in an envelope with insufficient postage. You won't be able to resist paying the difference, though, because you'll think there might be a contribution enclosed.

You apparently think ridiculing our president qualifies as "traditional values." It's no wonder 80% of Americans disapprove of right wing extremist organizations like yours. Keep up the good work. I like having an enemy.


PS Your tag line about being people of faith gives people of faith a bad name. You might want to consider something more fitting.