Deregulation - an example of what Republicans want for America

This article in the NYT gave me a shiver. THIS is what the Republicans want...the power to screw the take away their livlihood, their dwelling, and get away unscathed.

The entire article is HERE but here are a few excerpts...

Ko Sasaki for The New York Times

Koji Hirano faced homelessness after being laid off from the Canon factory, background, where he worked in Oita, Japan. The shock turned to fear when they were also ordered to vacate their employer-provided apartments, a common job benefit here. With no savings from his monthly take-home pay of as little as $700, he said, he faced certain homelessness.

“They were going to kick us out into the winter cold to die,” said Mr. Hirano, 47.

Mr. Hirano and the others laid off by Canon are part of a new subclass of Japanese workers created during a decade of American-style deregulation. As short-term employees they have none of the rights of so-called salarymen or even the factory workers for Japan’s legions of small manufacturers.

Ah yes, trickle down economics...deregulation...CEO's flying their families on a corporate owned aircraft (after being bailed out by the taxpayers) to a $10,000 a night vacation.

Get the rope!


I'm a Republican

and I don't want people thrown out of their employer-provided housing. Nor do I want CEOs flying around on corporate aircraft following a taxpayer bailout.

But, that's because I'm not expecting my employer to provide my housing nor do I expect my government to balance my employer's finances...which is why I'm not a Democrat.

Ah....but it is the "FREE MARKET" politicians (Republicans here)

who made it possible for employees to become so desperate that they had to accept company housing and low paying jobs. Here it's the "FREE Market" Republicans who wanted to deregulate the financial services industries so they could play russian roulette...with the gun held to the taxpayer's heads....and charge 30% interest on credit card debt...and so on.

Nor do you seem to recall that it has been a Republican Administration and Republican controlled congress (6 of the past eight years) that added $500 Billion/year to our deficit.

Show me any group of everyday working Americans that wants their employer to control their housing...or any sane taxpayer who wants to pay for the losses of a business enterprise.

Great rhetoric tho...

Stan Bozarth

Or that it was a Republican

Or that it was a Republican administration that basically nationalized our banking system.

I disagree with one thing, Stan.

Great rhetoric tho...

Justin's "That's because I'm not a Democrat" garbage was purposely inflammatory. If all Republicans followed that example (many that I know do), we'd be justified in saying that not only do Republicans not know how to govern, they don't know how to cooperate. Oh - and they don't know how to lose, either.

Not Inflammatory...

...but pertinent.

Stan told a sob story about a guy who lost his job and his housing in one fell swoop. He then implied that Republicans want people to lose all of their benefits through deregulation.

Stan and I agree that this situation is a tragedy. He thinks it's a tragedy, because some guy lost job and his employer-provided house. I think it's a tragedy, because this guy got duped into living a life within corporate feudalism. That's a distinct difference between Republicans and Democrats. I want to clear the way for innovators and risk-takers in a dynamic economy. I want Koji Hirano to grow in his career (maybe even start his own business), provide for himself and his family, and spend his working years reaching his full potential. There are others who want to keep the Koji Hirano's of the world in some middling existence and help them blame all of their woes on the Canon's of the world while still maintaining an anachronistic corporate feudal system.

Apparently, Stan just wants Koji Hirano to "stay in his place" and be a good little corporate serf...that's where Stan and I have a distinct difference.

Too broad a brush, Justin

And you know it. That's why it's inflammatory. And you know that too. That's your style. I recognize it because it used to be my style.

Offer something constructive. Even if the person you're responding to says something you think is silly or wrong.


Couple of things, Justin

this guy got duped into living a life within corporate feudalism.

There's a reason we instituted usury laws here in America: because it's a form of indentured servitude, and only a few degrees away from outright slavery. I know you guys love to hate regulation, but when it is stripped away, corporations (very often) begin to behave like they did a few centuries ago.

I want to clear the way for innovators and risk-takers in a dynamic economy. I want Koji Hirano to grow in his career (maybe even start his own business)

I don't want to malign small business owners, because they've made our country strong through their hard work. But statistically speaking, Koji starting his own business would be the absolute worst thing he could do to provide for his family.

First of all, something like 64% of start-ups fail within the first few years. That includes sell-offs where the owner "breaks even". For those that do survive to the six year mark, about 83% only have an (average) value of around $200,000. Less than one percent have grown their company to the million-dollar mark.

And before you say it, yes, you and I have both met entrepreneurs who have been wildly successful. But like it or not, they are the exception to the rule. To posit that entrepreneurship is a viable alternative to pursuing a career working for somebody else, or that a worker can use the threat of leaving in pursuit of his own business to secure a better "contract" with his employer (in the absence of government regulation securing his rights) is pure fantasy.

Now, I will freely admit that the current relationship between our elected officials and corporate interests is way too cosy, and many of the regulations from the last few decades have been in support of big companies at the expense of the smaller ones. But it's a mistake to classify that as "over-regulation", when in reality it is "improper regulation". It's a qualitative issue, and if we approach it from the position that most or all regulation is bad, small business will end up (again) suffering while big corporations fatten themselves.

I'm a Republican! No you are not! But just another fool?

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Now that wasn't harsh nor

Now that wasn't harsh nor intolerant.