Despite GOP rhetoric, teaching assistants already being cut

Republican obstinacy forcing hard decisions at the county level:

On Tuesday, county school board members were told that the system is cutting up to 179 teaching assistant jobs and reducing its central office staff by 45 positions.

That would be bad enough, but when you add in these other cuts, the situation borders on the catastrophic:

The $15.2 million in lost funding is in addition to several million dollars in state cuts to transportation, textbooks, technology and other areas, Lopes said.

Lopes said the state budget also takes away the school system's flexibility in how it spends state money. That change will reduce the amount the county gets from the state by another $4 million or so, he said.

All those reductions add up to about $22 million, Lopes said.

The system will face an even bigger challenge in 2012-13, when it will lose an additional $2.6 million in state funding and $10.5 million in federal funds, Lopes said.

And yet, the media is allowing Phil Berger, Taliban Stam and Two-Faced Tillis to continue to spout nonsense about the budget "fully funding" schools and other tripe, without challenging these lies with the facts.

That story dealt with Cumberland County schools, and here's the video of Montgomery County Schools Superintendent Dr. Dale Ellis that Bill mentioned in another diary:

"5 Reasonable People": A Superintendent’s Response to the State Budget Crisis from Lindsay Whitley on Vimeo.


Nice Note from Superintendent Dr. Dale Ellis

I wrote Dr. Ellis yesterday to applaud his direct and no holds barred video, speaking truth to power. He took the time to write back with a short note of thanks. I encourage all you to get your friends, families and followers to log into the Montgomery Schools website and send Dr. Ellis some accolades. His courage in doing what he did should certainly be applauded. Take action.
His email is: