That didn't take long

According to Public Policy Polling the mood has shifted dramatically in North Carolina. In their latest poll, respondents favor Republicans across the board in generic match-ups. They are favored when polling for both federal and state offices.

There are two key reasons for the early Republican lean: independents are leaning toward them and they're more unified than the Democrats are. For Congress independents prefer Republicans 37-21 and for the legislature it's 34-23. 90% of Republicans but only 76% of Democrats plan to support their party in Congressional races and for the legislature those figures are 89% and 77%.

These high levels of Republican unity are becoming a constant in our polling across the country as the party's voters seem to realize they'll all have to be on the same page to avoid repeats of the disastrous 2006 and 2008 election cycles.

There is plenty of time for voter opinions to change, but we shouldn't ignore these numbers and we shouldn't passively sit and wait to see what happens. We need to protect our majorities in Congress and in the General Assembly, where members will be redrawing districts after 2010.

What do you think we can do to protect our margins in the House and the North Carolina General Assembly?


Of course, you may not want to protect our majorities

Personally, I don't want to go through another span of time like 2001 - 2008 if it is all the same to you.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

"Our" majorities

I hardly want to protect the party that approved the no-public-option "reform" bill that came out the US Senate Finance Committee.

And there are certainly some state legislative Democrats I'd be happy to let go.

A Democratic majority is better than what the whackjobs of the NCGOP offer, but it's long past time to do away with a certain few legislative Democrats.

Target your money and time wisely.


Protect majorities

1. Swift and ruthless response to ethical breaches
2. Much more effective media relations by party leaders
3. Aggressive online NCDP communications (currently invisible)
4. Stop behaving like Republicans

These are all critical, but numbers 2 & 3 are especially important.

And while I have the soap box, let me add that progressive Democrats can't get the time of day from elected and party officials. They call me for money all the time. They ask for my vote on election day. But beyond that, there's no engagement whatsoever.

Progressives in NC may not be large in numbers, but they bring more activism, energy and dollars to the the party than a wheelbarrow full of mainstream Democrats. I can't understand why the NCDP has all but written progressives off, in my opinion.

Take your own advice, it's why you are in power.

There are two simple answers.

1. Start doing what you railed about for the past 8 years. It seems that there was a lot that was wrong for Republicans to do when they were in power, that now that Democrats are in charge it's all of a sudden it's OK. Folks notice things like that. Have some integrity.

2. Pray the economy rebounds. Pissed off people look at those in power to be angry at...blaming Bush and the Republicans can only go on for so long especially when it's Year 3 of Democrats in control of Congress and Year 103 of Democrats in control of NC.

Focus on the State

For now, anyway. According to PPP, Larry Kissel's is probably the only vulnerable House seat. But the General Assembly could be a real problem, especially considering how losing the majority will impact redistricting.

Maybe we should start by using PPP's 76% Democratic support figure, and then try to come up with a list of vulnerable State races. I think it's safe to say we're going to lose a few seats no matter what we do, but retaining a majority may boil down to only a few specific races.

You can bet that's why Mr. Pope's doing

This is payback time for him.

Over the last two cycles, Team Pope has perfected the art of targeted intervention in legislative races. Walking the tightrope between illegal electioneering and good old-fashioned corporate speech, Pope showed just how little it costs to tilt the balance in selected races.

He also purified the party to align it with the national Republican Party of No.

The NC Farm Team may very well be the next big hope with its long range view.


What is happening is a weakening of the Democratic base through the dithering in Washington and Raleigh. The sense of helplessness is growing; we elected them and they don't do much differently. A Democratic-controlled legislature puts Hoover-like policies into place and cut public services because they are unwilling to tax those people who benefited for past tax cuts and the raiding of the rainy day fund. A Democratic governor is helpless to get compensations for $318 million that the state handed over to Dell--and still argues for a bribe-the-companies approach to economic development.

As for Congress, you have three Democratic Congressmen who are opposed to real healthcare reform (or who won't stand up for it) when it is extremely popular. You have a Congressman elected with progressive support who waters down a climate change bill.

And you have the fear of making definite statements about policy. I remember "I don't always agree with him but I know where he stands." That created a lot of popularity across party lines. Candidates and public officials need some backbone to stand up for the people and for good policy. That lack of definite positions is reducing independent support.

And we need to remember that "independent" does not mean "centrist". There are a bunch of independents to the left of the Democratic Party and to the right of the Republican Party and then there are the Libertarians who get counted as "independent" who can properly swing depending on the issue.

50 states, 210 media market, 435 Congressional Districts, 3080 counties, 192,480 precincts

Well said

Too bad no one who counts is listening



Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.